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Posted:Sep 13, 2007 at 12:00 am
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Lots of action to report for the end of 1907, as both Italy and Germany fall back and Russia engages in a massive mobilization program.

For the autumn retreat phase, the German army in Berlin had only one valid retreat, to Kiel. Italy's Tyrrhenian fleet retreats to Naples. In the winter, Russia raises two armies and two fleets, while Italy gives up its easternmost lands. Can the remaining powers prevent the Tsar from taking a solo?

The deadline for spring 1908 orders will be next Tuesday 12/18 at 3pm Central (US). I'll post the adjud to the DC website tomorrow, I'm having a problem with the web site tonight.


Autumn 1907 retreats:

A Berlin - Kiel

F Tyrrhenian Sea - Naples


Winter 1907 adjustments:

Remove A Trieste
Remove A Tyrolia

Build F Sevastopol
Build F St Petersburg(nc)
Build A Warsaw
Build A Moscow

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