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Posted:Oct 12, 2014 at 4:24 pm
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Retreats are in! I am going to take this time to also address my initial welcome email giving my expectations for orders..  1.  Orders need to have game number, season, year, country.  2.  Orders need to be sent in a separate email, not just replying to one of my emails. This is the fair warning, there will be no more leeway on this, for anyone. Orders that don't follow these rules will be null and void. Period. And I won't remind you they were sent incorrectly, they will just be ignored, if they're not missed in the first place. With that said, here we go: Japan
F Kyoto - Upper Pacific Turkey
F Persia - Persian Gulf
 Deadline for Winter is October 14th   

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DC507 - Autumn 1871 (Operations) Oct 12, 04:24 pm

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