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Posted:Feb 08, 2015 at 10:05 am
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A few additional changes, in response to comments from various quarters.

On both maps (see below), East China Sea now borders Eastern Ocean. The change was made to increase fluidity.

In East Indies:

Other than the cosmetic move of the legend/rules box from the southwest to the northeast for cosmetic reasons, the following changes have been made:

Sunda has been combined with Javadvipa.

Mentawai Sea has been divided from Southern Sea, and runs from the newly extended Javadvipa to Kandy.

The province of Sutiya has been created from the northern portion of Assam.

The province of Gartok, expanded and renamed Tibet, now extends eastward and borders Sutiya and Shan.

Kashgar has been renamed Taklamakan.

These changes as a group increase the number of provinces in the area of the intersection of the Spice Islands and Maharajah's subvariant maps, and should therefore increase fluidity and make stalemate lines somewhat more difficult to form.

This message is in reply to post 27395:

The playtest was run in the ACD (Academy of Creative Destruction) forum.

I can't really change the upper right border of the map but, could maybe put a big title box up in the upper right corner. If I was artistic, it would be a nice opportunity, but I am not, so it isn't. Laughing

Pattern shading will come when I (or maybe someone else) codes for RP. That said, I sometimes use two-letter abbreviations for units denoting nationality and unit type rather than the colored symbols, which would certainly be an improvement for you.

As far as enlarging the island spaces, that's possible, if difficult, but the map is plenty big to begin with.

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