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Subject:< WOT - Back On!!! >
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Posted:Sep 13, 2007 at 12:00 am
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I wish to be far from pengerSmile

On mobile will write more later!

On Nov 19, 2007, at 7:39 PM, Former Trout <former.trout(at) ([email]former.trout(at)[/email])> wrote:

Go ahead, Jason.. I'm fine with a reshuffle. Even though I was getting used to being the Trout On The Water.. =)


On Nov 19, 2007 9:31 AM, Tim Miller < thewizard.tim(at) ([email]thewizard.tim(at)[/email])> wrote:
[quote:9dbe1fc464]I am fine with anything the GM decides... it does skew the game quite a lot if you don't.

On 11/19/07, Jason K <githraine(at) ([email]githraine(at)[/email])> wrote: [quote:9dbe1fc464] Ok, we have a Full House again.
Just a few quick notes:
1. Both new players (Stephen Lytton, the Deathblade Penguin and Sean Ward, Wardus) know eachother in the Real World.
2. A request has been made that since no moves have been executed, and 5 nations have already made their alliances and plans, that it would be more 'fair' and a better representation of the map for the playtest if we reshuffled the nations and leveled the playing field.
I will put it to a vote, to close Wednesday. Everyone please respond by then with your opinion. If the vote is No, we will have our first deadline on Friday (at)9pm eastern US time.

Contact info for all Players and the current nation assignemts are below:

Nation Diplomaticcorp ID RL Name E-Mail Address
Borderlands drake892 Eric Bellman raiderfan676(at) ([email]raiderfan676(at)[/email])
Eastlands flowerpet56 John Strain flowerpet56(at) ([email]flowerpet56(at)[/email])
Westlands felix388 Felix KamChung felixkamchung(at) ([email]felixkamchung(at)[/email])
Midlands Deathblade_penguin Stephen Lytton stevelytton(at) ([email]stevelytton(at)[/email])
Southlands Presto Tim Miller thewizard.tim(at) ([email]thewizard.tim(at)[/email])
Whitecloaks Wardus Sean Ward wardus2274(at) ([email]wardus2274(at)[/email])
Sea Folk former.trout None former.trout(at) ([email]former.trout(at)[/email])

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Tim Miller

"Sorry, the battle room is closed today, the enemy's gate is down." [/quote:9dbe1fc464]


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