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General Information

Welcome to the 9th Annual Winter Blitz!

This is a fast paced tournament! Designed for those who enjoy tournament style competition, but who don't want to commit 2 years to a tournament -- The DC Winter Blitz will begin in January, and have 2 rounds complete before summer!


See the list of entrants, change your status: Player Roster

Time Controls

The games will run 1 actual week per game year.

This allows a 10 year game to complete in 10 weeks, or a little over 2 months for a full round. Any games that run beyond 10 years will be allowed to play to completion -- no hard cutoffs

Spring deadlines will occur EVERY MONDAY. Fall deadlines will occur EVERY THURSDAY, 3 days later. Then 4 days roll around again to Monday. If you are not up for a 3-day / 4-day schedule, this tournament is not for you. Stay tuned for the DC Open, later in the year.

Retreats and/or Builds will always be due the day after results are out. That is Tuesday and/or Friday.

Important dates

Due to the late Thanksgiving and shortened holiday season, we're delaying the start by 1 week! All dates below are +7 days.

Entries confirmed by:Sunday Jan 6, 2020
Round 1 lineups announced:Monday Jan 7, 2020
Round 1 Spring 01 deadline:Monday Jan 14, 2020
Round 1 Fall 01 deadline:Thursday Jan 17, 2020
Round 1 Spring 10 deadline:Monday Mar 18, 2020
Round 1 Fall 10 deadline:Thursday Mar 21, 2020
(May continue past 10 years and overlap round 2)
Round 2 lineups announced:Monday Mar 25, 2020
Round 2 Spring 01 deadline:Monday Apr 1, 2020
Round 2 Fall 01 deadline:Thursday Apr 4, 2020
Round 2 Spring 10 deadline:Monday Jun 3, 2020
Round 2 Fall 10 deadline:Thursday Jun 6, 2020
(May continue past 10 years - no hard cutoff)


Solo:20 points
2-way-draw:15 points
3-way-draw:12 points
4-way-draw:10 points
5-way-draw:8 points
6-way-draw:6 points
Survival (or Open):4 points
Elimination:2 points
Supply Center Bonus:+0.1 point per SC owned
Max score:21.8 points per round
Tie-breaker system
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WB 2012 Standings
WB 2011 Standings
WB 2010 Standings
WB 2009 Standings
WB 2008 Standings


Players will be assigned to games according to a modified Swiss System

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Diplomacy games may contain lying, stabbing, or deliberately deceiving communications that may not be suitable for and may pose a hazard to young children, gullible adults, and small farm animals.

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