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Tournament Rules


All deadlines will be on the days below at a time set by the GM. Individual game deadlines will vary, but all will follow the general Monday-Thursday timeline. If a game is not adjudicated on time, the TD is to be notified so as to maintain the schedule.

  • Spring: Every Monday
  • Summer: Every Tuesday
  • Fall: Every Thursday
  • Autumn & Winter: Every Friday

Orders are due by the stated times. If the GM has not adjudicated but the deadline has passed, orders may be sent after the deadline, but are not guaranteed to be accepted.

Results will be posted shortly after the deadline. Only the results as adjudicated will be shown, not as ordered.

Order Submissions

All orders, and revisions of orders that you submit, should be sent to both your GM, and to the backup of orders-at-diplomaticcorp-dot-com. It will happen that GMs will on occasion be unable to run a turn, and in those cases, one of your TDs will run the turn based on the orders in that backup orders box. Therefore it is vitally important that every set of orders you submit gets copied to both places. If you have sent your orders only to the GM, and a turn needs to be run from the backup, you will get an NMR for the turn. Proving that you did send orders to the GM (but not cc'd to orders) will not be cause to overturn such an NMR.


No extensions are available for Tournament games

Grace Periods

There are no grace periods. Once a deadline has passed, all without moves submitted are subjected to NMR.

Absences & Proxies

An absent player may designate another person (spouse, friend, diplomacy player) to submit moves on his behalf if he is going to be sick, on vacation, on business, or otherwise unavailable for any adjudications. The proxy must not be a GM or player in any WB game. The player should notify his GM of any such requests keeping in mind the games do not allow for delays. Any orders submitted by the actual player of record will take precedence over any orders submitted by his proxy (for example if the player should return able to play unexpectedly)


Any NMR will result in all units holding, however if a unit is dislodged the player may still submit a retreat – the unit is not automatically disbanded.

An NMR on a retreat phase means the units disband.

An NMR on a build phase means builds are waived.

If the player was disbanding, the units farthest from the country are removed first. If units are equally distant, then remove Fleets before Armies and then in alphabetical order by the [full name of the] provinces in which they’re located.

Abandons / Civil Disorder / Replacements

There will be no Abandons, Civil Disorder, or Replacements scored for Tournament games. A player may rejoin the game by submitting moves after suffering any number of NMRS.


If all retreating units have only one option of retreat (and none to the same space), the GM can choose to declare the unit(s) retreated at the time of the spring or fall adjudication. The retreat will stand unless the GM is notified of a disband instead by the retreat deadline.

This is only to speed the game along when all units have only one choice. If any unit has more than one option, the retreat phase will be played like normal. At any time a GM has a full set of retreats and/or builds, s/he may post adjustment results early.


Ambiguous abbreviations will result in a misorder (the unit Holds). An order that could have multiple interpretations will fail. For example F NTH-NOR would fail, because this could mean F NTH-Norway or F NTH-Norwegian Sea. F StP-Nor would be valid since StP can only go to Norway, not Norwegian. "Nor" and "Liv" should be avoided as they can be problematic, although if only one possible order can be made, it will be allowed.

GMs and TDs will not check moves or abbreviations prior to the deadline. Moves will be adjudicated at the deadline and no leniency period to clarify orders will be granted.

Army / Fleet

The designation of A or F in orders is to remind players of their pieces. If you leave out the unit type in an order, the order does not fail since only one unit can occupy any province. Even an incorrect designation of A or F will not cause an otherwise valid order to fail.

Specifying Coasts

  • When a unit is moving FROM (or giving support from... or disbanding a unit in...) a province with multiple coasts, the coast need not be specified. Therefore a fleet moving FROM say, Spain(sc) may be ordered from Spa or from Spa(sc) equally.
  • When a unit is moving TO a province with multiple coasts, and movement is only possible to 1 coast, the coast need not (but may) be specified.
  • When a unit is moving TO a province with multiple coasts, and movement is possible to either (or any) coast, the coast must be specified, or the order will fail.
  • Some maps have some powers' home centers on multi-coast provinces. In those cases if ordering a fleet build in a province with multiple coasts, the coast must be specified, or the build order will fail.


Any errors in adjudications must be brought to the attention of the GM within 24 hours of the adjudication else that error will stand.

In the case a unit is given multiple orders, only the first order for the unit will be used.

End-Game Proposals (EGP)

Any player that has not been eliminated can make an End-Game Proposal. It should be turned in with his/her regular orders, and will be proposed by the GM for a vote during the NEXT spring or fall turn. Eliminated players have no vote. To pass, the end-game-proposal requires a yes vote from all remaining players. Any single "no" vote, abstention, or NMR will cause the proposal to fail. Any country that has recorded an NMR for the last 4 consecutive spring or fall adjudications will automatically vote YES on any EGP.

GM Impersonation

Strictly off-limits. Any attempt to forge a GM email or communication will be cause for immediate removal from a game.

The Tournament Rule

Any points not explicitly governed by these house rules are to be adjudicated solely according to the discretion of the TD. All TD decisions are final.

Diplomacy games may contain lying, stabbing, or deliberately deceiving communications that may not be suitable for and may pose a hazard to young children, gullible adults, and small farm animals.

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