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What is a Diplomacy Rating?

Your Diplomacy Rating (DR) is a relative measure of your game performance compared to that of your peers.

How is my rating calculated?

Your Diplomacy rating is initially set by the result of your first 3 provisional games. (see below). Once your rating is established, it moves up or down based on your game performance... which is based on a number of factors:

  • A win. The elusive solo victory - the epitomy of Diplomatic accomplishment. If you should score them often, you will find your rating surging higher. A typical solo victory nets around 30 rating points.
  • A draw. Sometimes you just can't win, then a draw is the next best thing. If you should score a draw, your rating gain is based on the number of players you've beaten out of the draw. Small draws with 2 players can win around 10 points, whereas large draws with 5 players might only win around 2 points.
  • A loss. Unfortunately there are many ways to lose at Diplomacy. Still your performance is measured... How long did you survive? Did you survive to the end? How many S.C. did you have at the end? All these factors play into your survival score. A player who survives to the end with 1 supply center may still lose points for the loss, but much less so than someone eliminated early on.
  • The skill of your opponents. Whatever result you score, the rating of your opponents plays in. If you lose to some high-rated players, you won't lose very much. If you beat the same high players, you'd gain a lot more than if you beat some newbies. It's all about risk & reward.
  • See the full rating calculation.

    What does the P mean next to my rating?

    The letter P next to your rating indicates that your rating is provisional. All new players begin their play with a provisional rating. Once 3 games are completed in the club, your rating will automatically become a standard rating -- The P will disappear and your rating will be established.

    Your provisional rating is determined from a blended average of your performance in your first three games. Therefore when observing the statistics, consider that a provisional rating may or may not be a true indication of a player's strength, as provisional ratings can be very volatile for those first 3 games.

    Diplomacy games may contain lying, stabbing, or deliberately deceiving communications that may not be suitable for and may pose a hazard to young children, gullible adults, and small farm animals.

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