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(I Ching You! - GM: Mikael)

Subject:< DC219, Spring 1912 >
Topic:< dc219 >
Category:< Closed Games 
Posted:May 21, 2009 at 3:41 am
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Both draw-proposals are defeated. Results:

F Apulia Supports A Venice
A Piedmont Supports A Tuscany (*Cut*)
A Tuscany Supports A Piedmont
A Tyrolia Supports A Piedmont

F Baltic Sea - Berlin (*Fails*)
A Burgundy - Munich (*Fails*)
A Denmark Supports A Kiel
F Gulf of Lyon - Tyrrhenian Sea (*Fails*)
F Gulf of Bothnia Supports A St Petersburg
F Helgoland Bight Hold
A Holland Hold
A Kiel Supports A Burgundy - Munich
A London - Belgium
F Marseilles - Piedmont (*Fails*)
F North Atlantic Ocean - Mid-Atlantic Ocean
F North Sea Convoys A London - Belgium
A Ruhr Supports A Burgundy - Munich
A St Petersburg Hold
F Tunis Hold
F Western Mediterranean Supports F Tunis

F Rome Supports F Tyrrhenian Sea
F Tyrrhenian Sea Supports F Rome (*Cut*)
A Venice Supports F Rome

F Aegean Sea Supports F Ionian Sea
A Berlin Supports A Munich (*Cut*)
A Bohemia Supports A Munich
A Galicia Hold
F Ionian Sea Supports F Tyrrhenian Sea
A Livonia Supports A Prussia
A Moscow Supports A Livonia
A Munich Supports A Berlin (*Cut*)
A Prussia Supports A Berlin
A Silesia Supports A Munich
A Warsaw Supports A Livonia

Since we have no retreats we move straight to fall. Let's have that by May 26th, 20:00 GMT.

Prelims are encouraged! Have fun!

/ Mikael
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DC219, Spring 1912 (m_don_j) May 21, 03:41 am

Diplomacy games may contain lying, stabbing, or deliberately deceiving communications that may not be suitable for and may pose a hazard to young children, gullible adults, and small farm animals.

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