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Subject:< DC230 Lost Kings - Early Winter 1910 - Real Men Eat Quiche >
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Posted:Sep 01, 2009 at 11:37 pm
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Apologies about the delay the last few days.  I was caught on an unexpected business trip without my laptop.  In any event, Germany sends their Norwegian Sailors to regroup in St. Petes north.  

France owes a build - I'll say its due tomorrow night but I expect Mike is lined up and ready to send it in right away.

Cheers guys!

Very Late Trout

Retreat orders for Fall of 1910.  (DC230 10 EW)

Germany: F Norway - St Petersburg(nc).

Unit locations:

Austria:   A Armenia, F Constantinople.
France:    F Adriatic Sea, F Aegean Sea, A Albania, A Belgium, F Bulgaria(ec), 
           A Burgundy, F Greece, F North Atlantic Ocean, F North Sea, A Norway, 
           A Piedmont, A Ruhr, F Skagerrak, A Trieste, A Tyrolia, F Yorkshire.
Germany:   A Bohemia, A Budapest, F Denmark, A Galicia, A Holland, A Kiel, A 
           Munich, A Rumania, A Serbia, A Sevastopol, A Silesia, F St 
           Petersburg(nc), A Sweden, A Vienna.

Ownership of supply centers:

Austria:   Ankara, Constantinople, Smyrna.
France:    Belgium, Brest, Bulgaria, Edinburgh, Greece, Liverpool, London, 
           Marseilles, Naples, Norway, Paris, Portugal, Rome, Spain, Trieste, 
           Tunis, Venice.
Germany:   Berlin, Budapest, Denmark, Holland, Kiel, Moscow, Munich, Rumania, 
           Serbia, Sevastopol, St Petersburg, Sweden, Vienna, Warsaw.

Austria:    3 Supply centers,  2 Units:  Builds   0 units.
England:    0 Supply centers,  0 Units:  Builds   0 units.
France:    17 Supply centers, 16 Units:  Builds   1 unit.
Germany:   14 Supply centers, 14 Units:  Builds   0 units.
Italy:      0 Supply centers,  0 Units:  Builds   0 units.
Russia:     0 Supply centers,  0 Units:  Builds   0 units.
Turkey:     0 Supply centers,  0 Units:  Builds   0 units.


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