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(Standard - GM: Felix)

Subject:< Dc117 End of Game: Stats 
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Posted:Sep 13, 2007 at 12:00 am
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Stats are posted… Congrats to Scott! First game in dc is a solo, catapulting him to a 1317 provisional rating. Bumps Lee off the “the last solo was by…” ticker after only 2 days there! – bummer… Smile


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Subject: DC 117:: SOLO TO RUSSIA
From: felixkamchung(at)
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2007 21:01:38 -0800
And so the game ends!!

Solo to the Russian player!!

Thank you all for playing!

EOG are welcomed!!

As submitted::

Germany's moves...

A Hol support A Mun - Kie

A Mun - Kie

A Ruh support A Mun - Kie

A Bre - Par

A Mar - Bur


My moves for Fall:

F Nth-Nwy

A Gas-Bre


A Tuscany support A Trieste - Venice


F mao S French A Gas - Bre

F Tyn - Tun

F Rom Holds

A apu - Ven

F Gre Holds

A Bul Holds

F Con - aeg

F Arm holds


A Sev-Arm

A Ukr-Rum

A Ser-Gre

A Tri-Ven

A Bud-Ser

F Lpl hold

A Edi hold

F Nwg-Nor

A Kie-Mun

A Sil S Kie-Mun

A Ber S Kie-Mun

F Hel-Hol

F Bal-Kie

F Den S Bal-Kie


England Fall 07 moves:

F NAO - Norweigan Sea

F LON support F Bel-Nth


As adjudicated::

Results for Fall, 1907 (Movement)
General Notices:
Game ends. Power Russia wins by controlling 18 supply centers; 18 supply centers are required to win.

Order resolution completed on 29-Nov-2007 at 20:12:03 PST

Order Results:

England: F bel -> nth

England: F lon Supports F bel -> nth

[u:555283b9d1]England[/u:555283b9d1][u:555283b9d1]: F nao -> nwg[/u:555283b9d1]

Failed because Russia: F nwg -> nwy failed.


France: A gas -> bre

[u:555283b9d1]France[/u:555283b9d1][u:555283b9d1]: F nth -> nwy[/u:555283b9d1]

Bounced with nwg (1 against 1).

Dislodged from bel (2 against 1).


Germany: A bre -> par

[u:555283b9d1]Germany[/u:555283b9d1][u:555283b9d1]: F hol Supports A mun -> kie[/u:555283b9d1]

Support cut by Move from Helgoland Bight.

Germany: A mar -> bur

[u:555283b9d1]Germany[/u:555283b9d1][u:555283b9d1]: A mun -> kie[/u:555283b9d1]

Bounced with bal (2 against 1).

Dislodged from kie (3 against 1).

Germany: A ruh Supports A mun -> kie


Italy: A tus Supports A tri -> ven


Russia: F bal -> kie

Russia: A ber Supports A kie -> mun

[u:555283b9d1]Russia[/u:555283b9d1][u:555283b9d1]: A bud -> ser[/u:555283b9d1]

Failed because Russia: A ser -> gre failed.

Russia: F den Supports F bal -> kie

Russia: A edi Holds

[u:555283b9d1]Russia[/u:555283b9d1][u:555283b9d1]: F hel -> hol[/u:555283b9d1]

Bounced with hol (1 against 1).

Russia: A kie -> mun

Russia: F lvp Holds

[u:555283b9d1]Russia[/u:555283b9d1][u:555283b9d1]: F nwg -> nwy[/u:555283b9d1]

Bounced with nth (1 against 1).

[u:555283b9d1]Russia[/u:555283b9d1][u:555283b9d1]: A ser -> gre[/u:555283b9d1]

Bounced with gre (1 against 1).

[u:555283b9d1]Russia[/u:555283b9d1][u:555283b9d1]: A sev -> arm[/u:555283b9d1]

Bounced with arm (1 against 1).

Russia: A sil Supports A kie -> mun

Russia: A tri -> ven

Russia: A ukr -> rum


[u:555283b9d1]Turkey[/u:555283b9d1][u:555283b9d1]: A apu -> ven[/u:555283b9d1]


Turkey: F arm Holds

Turkey: A bul Holds

Turkey: F con -> aeg

Turkey: F gre Holds

Turkey: F mao Supports A gas -> bre

Turkey: F rom Holds

Turkey: F tys -> tun

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