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Posted:Dec 21, 2010 at 12:37 pm
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So I've just signed up for an account here and I have a number of questions about how things work in this community.

If it's relevant the experience I've had is with:

I'm wondering how a number of things work with PBEM.

How exactly does press work on that site? Do you just send emails to other in your game or, do you send them to the GM to be sent to the other players according to your instructions? Is there a typical format for giving instructions for how it is posted?

For entering orders is it done though an order submission field? Or do you send your orders into the GM though email? Is there a set syntax to sending in orders besides the one for how the orders look

> F Spn move to MAO < (Or would something like that not fly here?)

Are there any other specifics I should know about PBEM that make it different then automatic adjudication and F2F?

Thanks for you time. I apologize if this is already posted somewhere I couldn't find anything about it.

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