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(Fast-Paced Standard - Summer Mayhem)

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Posted:Jul 18, 2008 at 11:24 pm
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Thanks for yet another perfect turn. I'm really impressed by the dedication you guys are showing to the game. Thank you from the bottom of my little GM heart. Smile


Austria: Daniel Sloane <eagles_fan_07(at)comcast.net>
England: Andrew Cassese <landru428(at)aol.com>
France: Jon Kudlick <jkudlick(at)gmail.com>
Germany: Drew Ott <drew3739o(at)yahoo.com>
Italy: Michael Thompson <psychosis(at)sky.com>
Russia: Michael Sims <mike(at)southwall.com>
Turkey: Adam Kujawa <edisun_end(at)hotmail.com>
Observer: Joe Hackett <jhack16(at)gmail.com>


A Albania - Serbia (*Bounce*)
A Budapest Supports A Albania - Serbia (*Disbanded*)
F Trieste Hold
A Vienna Supports F Trieste

F North Sea Convoys A Yorkshire - Denmark
F Norway Hold
F Skagerrak Supports F Norway
A Sweden Supports A Yorkshire - Denmark (*Cut*)
A Yorkshire - Denmark

A Burgundy - Belgium
F English Channel Supports A Burgundy - Belgium
F Picardy Supports A Burgundy - Belgium
A Spain - Portugal

A Denmark - Kiel
F Holland Supports F Norway - North Sea (*Void*)
A Ruhr - Munich (*Bounce*)

F Apulia - Adriatic Sea
F Ionian Sea - Albania (*Fails*)
A Munich - Berlin
A Tyrolia - Munich (*Bounce*)
A Venice Hold

F Baltic Sea - Sweden (*Fails*)
F Barents Sea Supports A St Petersburg - Norway
F Black Sea - Rumania
A Galicia Supports A Serbia - Budapest
A Serbia - Budapest
A St Petersburg - Norway (*Fails*)

F Aegean Sea - Greece (*Fails*)
F Ankara Hold
A Bulgaria Supports F Aegean Sea - Greece (*Fails*)
A Greece - Serbia (*Bounce*)


Austrian A Budapest has no retreats, disbanded.

Unit Positions: (SCs/Units)

Austria: (3/3)
Armies - Alb, Vie
Fleets - Tri

England: (6/5) - Build 1
Armies - Swe, Den
Fleets - Nth, Nwy, Ska

France: (6/4) - Build 2
Armies - Bel, Por
Fleets - Eng, Pic

Germany: (2/3) - Disband 1
Armies - Kie, Ruh
Fleets - Hol

Italy: (6/5) - Build 1
Armies - Ber, Trl, Ven
Fleets - Adr, Ion

Russia: (6/6)
Armies - Bud, Gal, StP
Fleets - Bal, Bar, Rum

Turkey: (5/4) - Build 1
Armies - Bul, Gre
Fleets - Aeg, Ank


Winter 1902 is due (tomorrow) Saturday, 19 July at 9pm CST (2am, 20 July GMT.)
Any issues or errors, let me know.

Map and RP file are attached for your convenience, enjoy!

Thanks all,
The White Wolf

I'm a Firefly fan and proud! Read my fiction:

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Diplomacy games may contain lying, stabbing, or deliberately deceiving communications that may not be suitable for and may pose a hazard to young children, gullible adults, and small farm animals.

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