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Subject:< Seismic f09 retreats! >
Topic:< Lost Posts >
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Posted:Sep 13, 2007 at 12:00 am
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No surprise, Turkey retreats to Berlin. Then some interesting Seismics
open up the action in the Med as the GOL gets isolated again, and Spain
gets a lot more connected. Venice closes the east coast, and the Turk
fleet there jumps to the west - a creative use of Seismic orders!

Turkey must choose NC or SC for his fleet in Tuscany.

Turkey also gets the only build:

A: 1/1 Even
F: 11/11 Even
R: 8/8 Even
T: 13/14 +1

Turkey to build and pick a coast by Wed 10am Pacific!
Spring 10 due Monday 10/13, 10am Pacific!


F: Split TYR/GoL, Join Spa/Tus
R: Split Mun/Tyr, Join Swi/Vie

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