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Persistent Turtle


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Cur SeasonSpring 00
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S. C.34
Start Date2007-08-29
End Date2008-03-06
Real-Life Time191 days
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Seq Country   Player Result S.C. Seas NMRs Rtg
0 Austria Countryman Blank9sizzlingq20042Civil Disorder 0 10 5 -5.93 1181.99
0 England Herald Blank9busckeeper0018Survival 6 18 5 -2.78 1182.39
0 France Artisan Blank9jacobrakosiCivil Disorder 0 3 2 -5.93 1170
0 Germany Countryman Blank9petervanastenSurvival 10 18 0 -1.76 1185.18
0 Italy Countryman Blank9happyguy99993Civil Disorder 0 6 2 -5.93 1170
0 Russia Artisan Blank9edwardnicholls1981Civil Disorder 0 8 1 -5.93 1170
0 Turkey Nobleman Silver Star9etinarcadiaego69Solo 18 18 0 28.29 1306

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Persistent Turtle? Are you serious?
Ugh...I jinxed this from the word go.
A final NMR from England although it probably didn't matter.

All congratulations to Eric! A solo is a rare thing and, as a player, I have yet to achieve it so all the best.
That said, damn! - what a jacked up game. I think this one was doomed from the word go. We ended the game
with three players and one of those even NMRing on the last turn.

For those who stuck with it my thanks and apologies for the sometimes belated adjudications.

A few comments [and I will keep them to that because my player side wants to say much more]:

* As a neutral observer, I have no idea what actually happened behind the scenes...BUT
* Peter - you deserved a better fate
* Eric - well played...and, because I don't think you would ever say it in an EGS - kudos for the acknowlegdment that the
game was jacked and that it should have been a G/T draw
* Nick - wish you hadn't been erratic...even without diplomacy you could have made the game more interesting
* NMRs [read: everyone else] - ugh...enough said. With the exception of Patrick who bowed gracefully due to life-altering situations, I
just can't really say anything.

To those who stuck with it - all the best and I hope to have the honor of meeting you in another game. Please stick with us and make
this an awesome place to play!

Persistent Turtle (Autumn 1909)

ENGLAND (Nick Buscaglia)
F(Bre) Stands; F(ENG) Stands; F(MAO) Stands; F(NTH) Stands (DISLODGED TO Lon); F(Spa) sc Stands (DISLODGED TO Por); F(SKA) Stands; F(StP) nc Stands

GERMANY (Peter Van Asten)
A(Swe) - Den; F(Hol) - NTH; F(Nwy) s F(Hol) - NTH; A(Boh) Stands; A(Gas) - Par; A(Bur) s A(Gas) - Par; A(Mun) s A(Boh); A(Sil) Stands (DISLODGED TO Ber); A(Pru) s A(Sil) (CUT); F(Bel) Stands

TURKEY (Eric Mao)
F(Tun) - NAf; F(TYS) - WMS; F(Rom) - TYS; A(Bul) - Ven; F(AEG) c A(Bul) - Ven; F(ION) c A(Bul) - Ven; F(ADS) c A(Bul) - Ven; F(BLA) Stands; A(Sev) - Mos; A(Rum) - Ukr; A(Vie) - Boh (FAILED); A(Tyr) s A(Vie) - Boh; A(Gal) - Sil; A(War) s A(Gal) - Sil; A(Lvn) - Pru (FAILED); A(Mar) - Spa; F(GoL) s A(Mar) - Spa

Autumn 1909 Adjustments:
E: Bre, Lon, Por, StP, Edi, Lpl, -Spa = 6; Loses 1.
G: Den, Nwy, Par, Mun, Ber, Bel, Hol, Mar, Swe, Kie = 10; No change.
T: Ven, Mos, Vie, War, +Spa, Nap, Rom, Bud, Tri, Sev, Con, Ser, Gre, Bul, Rum, Tun, Ank, Smy = 18; Gains 1.

Diplomacy games may contain lying, stabbing, or deliberately deceiving communications that may not be suitable for and may pose a hazard to young children, gullible adults, and small farm animals.

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