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G.M. emailpsychosis1973-at-yahoo-dot-com
Cur SeasonSpring 00
Next Deadline2008-07-21 @ 20:00:00 GMT
S. C.34
Start Date2008-05-04
End Date2008-07-21
Real-Life Time79 days
Slideshow SC Chart Message Board
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Seq Country   Player Result S.C. Seas NMRs Rtg
0 Austria Nobleman Blank9lewellinEliminated 0 4 0 -6.14 1177.28
0 England Captain of the Watch Silver Star9jlqueirosSurvival 2 12 0 -3.57 1184.85
0 France Captain of the Watch Blank9VerticallychallangedcutieSurvival 3 12 0 -3.45 1184.96
0 Germany Artisan Blank9hizzy18Civil Disorder 0 4 2 -6.8 1170.61
0 Italy Captain of the Watch Blank9cbconnellSurvival 7 12 0 -2.98 1185.43
0 Russia Captain of the Watch Gold Star9zeclientSolo 22 12 0 28.09 1229.01
0 Turkey Nobleman Silver Star9frank99Eliminated 0 10 0 -5.14 1178.28

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As expected, Russia wins the game with a solo...slightly unexpectedly, he does it with a huge 22 supply centres, as Russian forces roll into supply centres across Europe

Congratulations to Nick for a very impressive win! And thanks to all players for taking part, particularly those who stuck it out to the end.

End of game statements are welcome. For those unfamiliar with these, this is where players analyse or describe the game from their perspective, covering (in as much detail as they wish) their thinking during the game, the moves they made etc etc. Post these to the dc183@diplomaticcorp.com address and copy them to all players please.

For the sake of completeness, i've retreated the Italian armies dislodged to their only valid retreats. The game end position is as follows:

Russia: 22 centres

Italy: 7 centres

France: 3 Centres

England: 2 centres

F Irish Sea - North Atlantic Ocean (*Bounce*)
A Yorkshire - London

A Belgium - Holland (*Fails*)
F English Channel - Brest (*Bounce*)
A Paris - Burgundy
A Picardy Supports A Paris - Burgundy
A Ruhr Supports A Belgium - Holland (*Cut*)

F Aegean Sea - Ionian Sea
A Burgundy - Paris (*Dislodged*)
F Marseilles - Spain(sc)
F Mid-Atlantic Ocean - Brest (*Bounce*)
A Munich - Ruhr (*Dislodged*)
A Piedmont - Marseilles
F Smyrna - Eastern Mediterranean
F Spain(sc) - Portugal
F Tuscany - Gulf of Lyon
F Tyrrhenian Sea - Western Mediterranean

A Berlin Supports A Silesia - Munich
F Black Sea - Constantinople
A Bohemia Supports A Silesia - Munich
A Budapest - Trieste
A Bulgaria - Greece
F Denmark Supports A Kiel
F Edinburgh Hold
F Gulf of Bothnia - Baltic Sea
F Holland Supports A Kiel (*Cut*)
A Kiel Supports F Holland
F Norwegian Sea - North Atlantic Ocean (*Bounce*)
A Silesia - Munich
F Skagerrak - North Sea
A Tyrolia - Venice
A Warsaw - Silesia


Italian army Burgundy retreats to Gascony

Italian army Munich retreats to Tyrolia

Diplomacy games may contain lying, stabbing, or deliberately deceiving communications that may not be suitable for and may pose a hazard to young children, gullible adults, and small farm animals.

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