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Cur SeasonSpring 00
Next Deadline2011-06-06 @ 13:00:00 GMT
S. C.34
Start Date2011-03-21
End Date2011-06-09
Real-Life Time81 days
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Seq Country   Player Result S.C. Seas NMRs Rtg
0 Austria Captain of the Watch Blank9mgsmuhammadEliminated 0 10 3 -6.2 1209.47
0 England Captain of the Watch Silver Star9briankingfoxEliminated 0 18 4 -5.53 1208.57
0 France Captain of the Watch Blank9TrustMeEliminated 0 20 1 -5.04 1197.89
0 Germany Captain of the Watch Silver Star9jlqueirosSurvival 9 22 0 -2.37 1219.95
0 Italy Captain of the Watch Silver Star9derekthefeared2Survival 7 22 0 -2.99 1211.71
0 Russia Nobleman Blank9awhiteEliminated 0 8 4 -5.93 1185.67
0 Turkey Esquire Silver Star9Paga25Solo 18 22 1 28.08 1247.77

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*Peace reigns in Europe as the long war ends*
*The Sultan declared ruler of all Europe*
*Defeated world leaders state "It's just a game"*

Hey all,

Yes, we have a winner! Turkey holds his line, and actually claims Venice, giving him the winning 18th center. I'd love to hear what you guys thought of the game in your end of game statement. I'd encourage you to reply to all. This game ended at a perfect time for me, as I will be gone next week. Normally I'd hold off on giving my own view of things, but since I'll be out of town for a while, I figured I'd say a few words.

I think it was waaaay back in 1902 that I thought to myself that my money was on either Germany or Turkey. Turns out both ended in strong positions, so I feel pretty happy about my predictions, especially since I'm normally way less accurate. Obviously, Russia's early NMRs and England's mid game NMR's hurt the game quite a bit, but all in all I think it didn't tip the scales too dramatically to any one player, though Italy got the short end of that stick, being so far from both countries in Civil Disorder. Tactically, I think I was able to follow the game pretty well, and imagine what each player was thinking and why they moved like they did. While I think it was clear Turkey was setting up Italy for a stab, I don't really blame the Italian. He couldn't really do much to cover himself at that point. He had to trust, and got stabbed. It happens. I think the only thing that confuses me a bit is how Italy and Germany seemed to devote resources to killing france when Turkey seemed the real threat. I'm not sure working with france would have changed anything, but I wonder what another fleet or two in the med in 1910 would have meant for the game. But maybe there were diplomatic issues going on of which I was unaware.

Overall though, I think this was a pretty solid game. Congrats to all of you, and especially to our winner!

See ya next blitz if not before!


F Baltic Sea Supports A Kiel - Berlin
A Burgundy Supports A Ruhr - Munich
F Clyde - Norwegian Sea
A Kiel - Berlin (*Fails*)
F Norway - St Petersburg(nc) (*Fails*)
A Ruhr - Munich (*Fails*)
F St Petersburg(sc) - Livonia (*Bounce*)

A Marseilles Hold
F Mid-Atlantic Ocean - North Africa
A Piedmont Supports A Tuscany - Venice
F Tunis - Ionian Sea (*Bounce*)
A Tuscany - Venice (*Fails*)
F Tyrrhenian Sea - Rome (*Fails*)
F Western Mediterranean - Tyrrhenian Sea (*Bounce*)

F Adriatic Sea Supports A Venice
F Aegean Sea - Ionian Sea (*Bounce*)
A Apulia Supports A Rome
A Berlin Supports A Munich (*Cut*)
A Bohemia Supports A Munich
A Bulgaria - Serbia
F Eastern Mediterranean Supports F Aegean Sea - Ionian Sea (*Fails*)
F Greece - Albania
F Ionian Sea - Tyrrhenian Sea (*Bounce*)
A Munich Hold
A Naples Supports A Rome
A Prussia Supports A Berlin
A Rome Supports A Venice (*Cut*)
A Silesia Supports A Munich
A Tyrolia Supports A Venice
A Venice Supports A Rome (*Cut*)
A Warsaw - Livonia (*Bounce*)


Diplomacy games may contain lying, stabbing, or deliberately deceiving communications that may not be suitable for and may pose a hazard to young children, gullible adults, and small farm animals.

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