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three way French-German-Russian draw


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Map1900  [Wiki]  [Stats]
Cur SeasonFall 03
Next Deadline2012-08-22 @ 03:00:00 GMT
Result3-Way Draw
S. C.39
Start Date2012-06-13
End Date2012-08-22
Real-Life Time71 days
Slideshow SC Chart Message Board dpy File
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Seq Country   Player Result S.C. Seas NMRs Rtg
0 Austria Order of the Jagged Edge Gold Star9jerome777Survival 5 8 0 -4.42 1226.08
0 Britain Artisan Blank9schu9914Abandon 6 2 1 -6.94 1187.39
1 Britain Captain of the Watch Silver Star9MDemagogueSurvival 1 8 0 -1.53 1200.39
0 France Countryman Blank9flexpoint1Abandon 6 3 1 -4.12 1207.37
1 France Captain of the Watch Silver Star9sunchungDraw 9 8 0 5.49 1273.53
0 Germany Captain of the Watch Silver Star9AMTDraw 8 8 0 6.68 1218.73
0 Italy Captain of the Watch Blank9FlapJackSurvival 3 8 0 -3.2 1140.84
0 Russia Esquire Blank9hancockfcDraw 10 8 0 6.58 1224.48
0 Turkey Order of the Acorn Silver Star9psychosis1973Survival 3 8 0 -4.39 1211.75

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I apologize for not having wrapped this game up better than I did. I had been on a two week vacation visiting family in various parts of the west. I arrived home to discover my home internet service was down. Unfortunately the provider was reluctant to believe it was a problem on their end, not with my modem, and it took well over a week to get service restored. When it finally was, this game had somewhat slipped my mind.

As you know, the game ended in a three way draw between France, Germany and Russia. I'd again like to congratulate Sun, Andrew, Lynn, and Michael on this result.

I'd like to collect and publish End of Game statements from each of you. Please, rather than emailing them to the group directly, please send them to me, and I will then publish them simultaneously. That allows everyone to express their thoughts, without the EOGs turning into reactions to the first couple published. There will be plenty of time to react and comment on others EOG when they all see the light of day.


Diplomacy games may contain lying, stabbing, or deliberately deceiving communications that may not be suitable for and may pose a hazard to young children, gullible adults, and small farm animals.

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