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(Standard - GM: Babak)

Subject:< DC-230 - Game Status - Adjudication of Spring 03 Tonight!! >
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Posted:Apr 10, 2009 at 11:56 am
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Heya folks,

Well, you guys have my apologies for my not being on top of this game.  Had a little drama of my own this week that needed my attention and I guess I was kindof hoping that Babak would be back on top of things.  No matter, I just attempted to run the adjudication and found myself THREE sets of orders short.

First impulse - NMR all three.  Then I realized that I had mentioned that Babak would probably be resuming control, and it IS possible that orders were sent to him and not to me.

Therefore, the three players in question have all been notified in a seperate email.  I will be adjudicating this turn tonight with their orders or without.  Please bear with me for a few more hours and the regular programming will be resumed.  =)

Cheers all!  Hope you're all having an excellent holiday today.  


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DC-230 - Game Status - Adjudication of Spring 03 Tonight!! (former.trout) Apr 10, 11:56 am

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