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Posted:May 09, 2009 at 4:30 pm
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Heya folks,

Sorry this was delayed half-a-day or so.  I was hoping an Italian disband would come in, but unfortunately I still had no word from Bruce.  Italy receives an auto-disband as a result, and as the only unit more than one space away from a home center, its Greece that gets the plunger.

Meanwhile, Germany loads up with three armies, France splits their builds, Austria fleets up in Trieste and Russia removes in Sevastopol.

Please let me know if you spot any errors.  Deadline for Spring 1905 orders will be set for Thursday, May 14th (11:59 PM GMT).


Slingblade Trout

Adjustment orders for Winter of 1904.  (DC230 04 WIN)

Austria: Build F Trieste.

England: Remove F Clyde.
England: Remove F Norwegian Sea.

France: Build F Brest.
France: Build A Paris.

Germany: Build A Kiel.
Germany: Build A Berlin.
Germany: Build A Munich.

Italy: No Disband Received - Auto-Remove A Greece.

Russia: Remove F Sevastopol.

Unit locations:

Austria:   F Aegean Sea, A Bulgaria, A Galicia, A Rumania, A Syria, F Trieste.
France:    F Brest, A Edinburgh, F Gulf of Lyon, A Marseilles, F North Atlantic 
           Ocean, F North Africa, A Paris, F Tunis, F Yorkshire.
Germany:   A Belgium, A Berlin, A Kiel, A Livonia, A Munich, F North Sea, F 
           Norway, A Silesia, A St Petersburg, A Warsaw.
Italy:     F Ionian Sea, A Tuscany, A Tyrolia, F Tyrrhenian Sea.
Russia:    A Moscow, A Ukraine.
Turkey:    F Ankara, A Constantinople, F Smyrna.

Ownership of supply centers:

Austria:   Budapest, Bulgaria, Rumania, Serbia, Trieste, Vienna.
France:    Brest, Edinburgh, Liverpool, London, Marseilles, Paris, Portugal, 
           Spain, Tunis.
Germany:   Belgium, Berlin, Denmark, Holland, Kiel, Munich, Norway, St 
           Petersburg, Sweden, Warsaw.
Italy:     Greece, Naples, Rome, Venice.
Russia:    Moscow, Sevastopol.
Turkey:    Ankara, Constantinople, Smyrna.

Austria:    6 Supply centers,  6 Units:  Builds   0 units.
England:    0 Supply centers,  0 Units:  Builds   0 units.
France:     9 Supply centers,  9 Units:  Builds   0 units.
Germany:   10 Supply centers, 10 Units:  Builds   0 units.
Italy:      4 Supply centers,  4 Units:  Builds   0 units.
Russia:     2 Supply centers,  2 Units:  Builds   0 units.
Turkey:     3 Supply centers,  3 Units:  Builds   0 units.


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