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(World 3B)

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Posted:Jul 21, 2009 at 11:01 pm
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Well then, let's bring on the onslaught! Let's see now, how can I get to Siberia from South Africa...

on second thought, maybe I'll focus elsewhere.


This message is in reply to post 12081:

I'll respond to the e-mails I've received and get my moves in ASAP. I'm off to Ireland tomorrow afternoon till the 31st. My wife will not be pleased if I spend too much time communicating while on vacation. So if you do e-mail and it takes a few days to respond it just because I need to keep the wife happy.

-Matt Kelly-

From: "dawench2(at)" <dawench2(at)>
To: dfehr(at); captain_sicarius(at); mvpenner(at); chaosonejoe(at); jcard(at); kelly058(at); alwayshunted(at); damienthryn(at); rodtheworm(at); sanjat312(at); sandiegosmith(at); leeaclark(at); lequinian(at); thomasdaddy(at); nathanbalbright(at); KLYNCH427(at)HOTMAIL.COM; finchleywomble(at); GMA2 <dawench2(at)>
Cc: dc268(at)
Sent: Tuesday, July 21, 2009 10:11:42 AM
Subject: dc268 World Game begins

I have finally received 17 confirmations and have the game ready to go.

Our first deadlines are going to be a bit sporadic due to player vacations. Once we get Summer vacations out of the way I hope to get the game settled into a smooth weekly schedule.

Our game forum address is: dc268(at)

I always offer 2 addresses for the GM in order to minimize the chance of NMR due to emails not getting through. You may use one or both at all times. I strongly encourage using both if you are sending orders close to the deadline.
the auto receipt address will send a note saying received but the orders are not attached.

Main GM address: dawench2(at)
auto- receipt address: dawench2(at)

1st Deadline:

Spring '81 will be due Tuesday July 28th 9 AM CDST (GMT -5) 1400 GMT

Country Assignments:

Ctry : Argentina
Name : Kevin Lynch

Ctry : Brazil
Name : Nathan Albright
Email : nathanbalbright(at)

Ctry : China
Name : Benjy Aarons
Email : finchleywomble(at)

Ctry : Europe
Name : John Curran
Email : thomasdaddy(at)

Crty :Frozen-Antarctica
Name : Lequinian
Email :lequinian(at)

Ctry : Ghana
Name : Lee Clark
Email : leeaclark(at)

Ctry : India
Name : Mark Smith
Email : sandiegosmith(at)

Ctry : _Kenya
Name : Joshua Tag
Email : sanjat312(at)

Ctry : Libya
Name : Ross Webb
Email : rodtheworm(at)

Ctry :Mideast
Name : Andrew Tanner
Email : damienthryn(at)

Ctry :Oz
Name : Warren Fleming
Email : alwayshunted(at)

Ctry Razzacific-Russia
Name : Matthew Kelly
Email : kelly058(at)

Ctry :Quebec
Name : Justin Card
Email : jcard(at)

Ctry : Russia
Name : Joe Babinsack
Email : chaosonejoe(at)

Ctry : South-Africa
Name : Michael Penner
Email : mvpenner(at)

Ctry : Usa
Name : Mark Duffield
Email : captain_sicarius(at)

Ctry : Western-Canada
Name : Dan Fehr
Email : dfehr(at)

A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.
Gen. George S Patton

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