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(Machiavelli Variant - Map test only with no special rules)

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Posted:Feb 14, 2010 at 2:26 pm
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hey well big thanks to our GM for quite a marathon game.
Playing turkey game me an ace from the start and the luxury of waiting to see the desperate diplomacy in the boot powers. Joe showed that being a boot power can work very well once you have a foot in the door so to speak, or a toe hole.... not unlike standard dip, but perhaps the corners have more advantange in this map- certainly the stalemate lines for me were simple.
My long term alliance with Venice worked very well and I knew i just had to be patient.......

So dislikes of this variant- the province abbreviations- just annoyingly easy to get wrong.
Likes- the map on the whole was interesting. The power bases in the middle crazy mixed up-- making it fierce in there for the begining years.

Suggestions- even up the high risk centre by providing more neutral sc there, or less in the corners...adding more boot provinces perhaps

thanks guys was fun ( and especially thanks to Mike for covering for me)

From: The White Wolf <cloudhurler77(at)>
To: Aidan Slattery <aislattery(at)>; Andrew Jameson <cloudhurler77(at)>; DC272 Forum <dc272(at)>; Garry Bledsoe <kielmarch(at)>; Joe Babinsack <chaosonejoe(at)>; Mark Utterbach <mdemagogue(at)>; Max Victory <maxatrest(at)>; Nathan ACD235-Persia Deily <ndeily(at)>; Nick Cherrier <zeclient(at)>
Sent: Fri, 12 February, 2010 20:54:29
Subject: DC-272 Game Over

I'm pleased to announce the end of DC-272: Machiavelli Map-Only Play Test. A unanimous YES vote to the T/V draw means you can all feel free to move on to your next challenge. Thanks for participating, and I'd personally appreciate EoG statements. Specifically, since this was a play test, I'd like to see your comments on map balance, what you'd like to see changed, etc. You can send them Reply All or directly to me (I'll send them to everyone). Thanks for playing!
I hope my quotes put you all in mind of the man this variant is named for. At the least, I hope you enjoyed reading them. This final quote says as much about Diplomacy players as any other group of people - I am pleased to acquaint myself with all of you, and hope to run into you many times in future games.

"There is no better indication of a man’s character than the company which he keeps; and therefor very properly a man who keeps respectable company acquires a good name, for it is impossible that there should not be some similitude of character and habits between him and his associates." - Niccoló Machiavelli, The Discourses. 1517


Austria: Aidan Slattery <AiSlattery(at)>
France: Mark Utterbach <MDemagogue(at)>
Florence: Joe Babinsack <chaosonejoe(at)>
Milan: Nick Cherrier <zeclient(at)>
Naples: Nathan Deily <ndeily(at)>
Papacy: Kevin Burt <Brutus(at)>
Turkey: Max Victory <maxatrest(at)>
Venice: Garry Bledsoe <kielmarch(at)>

Draw Proposals:

Venice/Turkey 2-way draw (France and Florence get survival) :: Succeeded

Final Disposition:

Austria: ELIMINATED 1459

France: 8 Centers, Survival

Florence: 9 Centers, Survival

Milan: ELIMINATED 1460

Naples: ELIMINATED 1456

Papacy: ELIMINATED 1456

Turkey: 11 Centers, Draw Participant

Venice: 16 Centers, Draw Participant

Final Map and RP file (as of Autumn 1461) are attached for your convenience, enjoy!

Thanks all,
The White Wolf
I'm a Firefly fan and proud! Read my fiction:

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