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Posted:May 27, 2010 at 9:37 pm
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It would take some testing. The key is lots of contrast; the optimal is near-white on near-black or vice-versa for readability, but you don't need to be that pure. Given the aesthetic that you've established here I might suggest making the grey darker, maybe quite a bit darker, and get the font as close to white without breaking your overall colour palette as possible. That should do it. The only thing to be aware of then is whether or not those changes clash with other font/backgrounds elsewhere on the site so it no longer seems coherent.

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Since we have the picture frame look what would ppl think if we went to a canvas-colored background, and black text? A lighter canvas than we have on the left side, in the currently dark frame?

Or is it as simple as a whiter font color? The peach is hard to read on the gray, agreed. It's easier to read on the charcoal.

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