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Posted:May 27, 2010 at 9:43 pm
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I think post volume matters. Traditionally DC has a very LOW post volume outside of the games themselves. Thus, if you only show the most recent single post of n topics you are going to have a small group of recent things and then a bunch of stale ones. If we assume the forums will remain lightly used into the foreseeable future, what we have now seems right.

On the other hand, in an active forum with lots of posts and diversity, it is far better to simply show the last post on each topic as Sun is mentioning.

Beyond that it is just personal preference. I'm not sure what mine is I suppose it changes on context. It sounds like Sun's is the single post/many topics. Both ways are valid in some absolute sense.

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Notice this, too...
With the concept of only the most recent post in a thread being shown, it is too easy to never see the older ones, unless you show them all.

E.g. I just posted 3 messages in this thread. But when I go to the home page now, my posts about the colors and the arrangement will never get seen, unless someone happens to deliberately go into that thread and read it intentionally.

By listing all the messages, yeah, this thread does appear to dominate Help & Suggestions today, but isn't that appropriate if it's really that active? If ppl want to see older inactive threads, you can scroll down and see them in the "Threads in this Topic" section.

Just brainstorming...

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