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Posted:Oct 04, 2011 at 11:05 am
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First, thanks all for a fun game.  I've never seen a game like this one, so always fun to experience something new and original.


Thanks to the GM for hanging in there when his real life was obviously creating challenged.  Enjoyed your editorial posts in the results especially the final one,  that was a hoot! you definitely have a talent for storytelling.


early game:  I earnestly worked to put an alliance in place in the West with France and Germany. That gave us all an early advantage which both France and I took advantage of.  I thought Germany could have been more aggressive but he concentrated on the the builds he had easily instead of hitting the eastern front.


A couple fo things concerned me with the alliance early.


-  Germany was insisting on getting half of Scandinavia and France wanted Belgium in the long run , though he graciously let me take Belgium for early growth,  I did take the Channel to get to Belgium which was a violation but we patched that up.


-  A previous alliance of BF and G, I had seen ended up with FG turning on England successfull as well


So I decided the BGF would probably end up in my demise and put out feelers to both F and G to see if one would turn on the other with my assistance.  Neither gave me much confidence that would happen so that convinced me that I would eventually be the target.


With Russia willing to work with me, Germany appeared to be the easier target so I decided to go with an RB with the possibility of still working with France and when Russia left ST Pete unoccupied as a clear signal of trust I went full in with the concept of RB.


France was worried about a Russian Turk steamroller so I leveraged that to get Germany to expose himself and like a pit bull went for the jugular. 

When France did not show any sign of reacting towards me, I took advantage of timing and took and felt as long as Russia hung in with the alliance, we were golden.


We both saw the Turkish backside exposed and I was thrilled to see R stab T.  IT further signified his commitment to RB. 


I encouraged AH to cooperate because I felt AH would be essential to stop a Russian solo, if and when, Doug went for it. 


The whole time , the RB success was contingent on a well planned DMZ  in Scandinavia and St Pete that gave both of us time to react in the event of a stab or solo push.


Doug was a great partner, thanks very much Doug.  I look forward to France's EOG I felt he played a good game but just ended up overextended.  Italy, great job hanging in for the survival. How did you manage that?


Thanks all,


Look forward to playing again.





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