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Posted:May 02, 2013 at 5:19 pm
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It was a fun game, at least for me. My initial strategy was talk my way into 3 centers, build extra fleets early and focus on the western half of the map. I started by telling Indonesia that we could be friends if I could get wci.  I told USA the same thing regarding mau.  I told them both I would go after Marshall Islands, which I eventually did.
Indonesia was not fooled by my initial builds at all.  Luckily for me I had made a deal with Australia to divide up the Indonesian centers.  Indonesia threatened to defend against only me, throwing
his centers to Australia.  I essentially said to go ahead, but he really didn't.  I think he was trying to defend against both of us which was a uphill battle for him.
The big game changer was when Indonesia was clearly defeated I offered to not eliminate him if he would help against Australia.  I had no idea it would work so well.  Those 2 and later 3 forward Indonesian fleets were critical to Japan's success.
Meanwhile USA and I kept Marshall Islands in check.  It's a tough group of islands to invade, not many avenues of approach. I was lucky that France attacked the USA and distracted him.  I was able to get a bead on WAK and pin the Marshall Islands fleet.  Once Marshall Islands moved his fleet from WEM-kwa, the restricted movement worked against him and I didn't need to fear his fleet slipping past me and causing havoc in the rear.
was slow going in the Marshall Islands, but since no one was interfering I could afford to take my time.  Every once in a while I sent an encouraging message to France to keep up the fight and provided the occasional suggestion; but I don't know if it swayed him.  Probably he and New Zealand should have made some type of agreement when they saw that Indonesia was actively helping Japan and that Marshal Islands couldn't break out of confinement on his own; but they never did.  By the time New Zealand was victorious and turned to face me it was too late.
But I must admit that the single-most important factor in the game was the very active help from Indonesia.  We had words at one point when he captured a center and I took one of his home centers, preventing his build.  I did not apologize, and reminded him that I only promised he would not be eliminated. I would try to make him bigger than Marshall
Islands, but wouldn't be held to it.  I do feel a little guilty taking 2 more centers from him at the end; but felt that taking a win was worth being a little heavy-handed.  If I hadn't, I would have risked a long, drawn out conflict with New Zealand with no guarantee of success.  The guilt is compounded, because my success was so dependent on Indonesia's loyalty.
About the map.  It seems to me that fleets are necessary everywhere, but especially so in the western half.  The fleets are also SLOW, so they need to be built early.  I figured early on that the final showdown would be somewhere to the east of where it actually was.  Armies would be necessary to hop around, but fleets would be required to support them. So I did go heavy on fleets initially, figuring the armies could catch up.
Another thing I noticed is that threatened armies on island groups need to be
mobile.  That is they should be on the attack.  It's very difficult to defend when other armies can hop around so much.  I think that's another reason to build fleets early; so they can get to where they can support the armies.
Thanks to Hugh for running the game; and thanks everyone for playing,  I hope all the players will take a little time to send in some commentary. -- John Barringer
My apologies to those that might have been anticipating an EOG from me. Truth be told, I really enjoy reading other peoples EOGs, but I truly suck at getting around to it myself.
Loooong story short, I feel that I was my own worst enemy. I messed up on a couple of rules, and had one NMR that really hurt. That said, Brian turned out to be a very tough piece of hide
to chew. He turned in a couple of really good order sets after it became clear that I was going to fight him.... really set me back as well.  Good on ya Brian.
If I had not messed up, I think it would have been a lot closer. I should have been helping Oz way before I managed to get there.... same for Marshall Islands as well. But, great game John, congrats.  See you next time. -- Warren Fleming
I agree with Warren ??? Hugh, you did a great job.  Thank you very much for GMing here in DC. As for End of Game for DC437 ??? I regret to be late in writing it, especially since Jonny B did such a good write up and asked for same. But, I enjoyed the game, new map for me, and a good crowd.
Australia's story:  Well, I teamed up early with neighbors to see what may
work, ended up that I allied strongly with New Zealand on my right, and Japan to my north. There was not a lot of mutual action possible with New Zealand and Australia, but we kept a good border and a few mutual supports as we moved northwards.
My alliance with Japan was reasonable solid, as he had no reason to fear me, lots of open space to his east to expand into, leaving Indonesia to be crushed between the two of us. So that worked great for a while, but Indonesia was played by a tough customer who could hang in with the best of them.  So, it turned into a death struggle with Indonesia and I, with a very tough movement prospects for Australia (once I committed to defending the continent). The hard part is the continent and the big islands that do not allow army airlift. That was a real handicap for Indonesia and Australia both I think. Anyway, that struggle finally lead to the inevitable Japanese stab ??? inevitable
because all his forces were south, and I was just too big and easy a target based on geography, poor positioning on my part, and overmatch in Japanese forces. Also, as Jonny of Japan pointed out, the swing of the Indonesian forces to his side was decisive for sure. I should have done more diplomacy and perhaps that would have gone my way instead.
Also, Japan had three good things going for him:  1) no competition from the east ??? Mar, Fra, USA were to engaged to threaten him, 2) the island hopping efficiencies and really good unit (fleet/army) choices by Johnny, and finally, 3) Johnny is just a darn good player. Better than I am, for sure.  He earned the solo through good diplomacy and good tactics. Let that be a lesson to us all. I look forward to playing all of you again sometime.  Good luck all. -- Jason (stomped down-under (so to
I had just about given up on seeing or giving an EOG. Thanks to Hugh for hosting the game...  GMing is always a challenge.
This was my 2nd time playing Oceania.  Previously, I had played New Zealand and it went pretty much the same way with the exception that Japan was prevented from winning the game by a successful organizing of a stop the leader movement in time.
This game I was lulled by sweet nothings spoken by Japan which allowed him to grow up to my borders with minimal effort on his part the first year. I had hoped to move in tandem with him eastwards instead of getting to play monkey in the middle between Japan and Australia.
The lack of anybody contesting Japan other than Indonesia in the early years of the game along
with the collapse of USA  made Japan's supremacy inevitable.
Jonny's offer of survival was sufficient for me to turn, though the alternative of conceding and being spared the effort of playing a janissary position was Tempting. Jon allowed me some freedom of movement and I contributed ideas, but I disagree that my forces were decisive. Japan would've won anyway w/o a united opposition to him, though it would've been a bit slower.
I suggest two changes in order to strengthen Indonesia and weaken Japan.  Sam should be made an Indonesia Home SC while Tim is dropped.  This would make Indonesia an edge power along with every other power.  Japan should have Mau as a Home SC with the corresponding loss of Manila.  This would move Japan out of the excessively strong corner position and make it more vulnerable. I'd also suggest moving the border between NTS and WNZ so that CHC borders
both.  This could weaken the peace between Australia and New Zealand that always prevails.  This would help both France and New Zealand. These adjustments and perhaps others could bring more balance to this map. [GM: Thanks for the suggestions I will have a look before next game is offered.]
Thanks for the game and hope to meet you again. -- Cheers,: Mark Smith
Thanks to one and all for giving me a chance to try out this game with my adjudicator.  To my surprise I had no problem handling the rules thanks to my adjudicators no-retreat option. As this was a test game I gave lots of leeway for deadlines and enjoyed hearing from the players and following the game as it progressed.  Once the Winter Blitz is done I look forward to running another game    of Oceania on the
Diplomaticcorp Web Site!  I think Japan is this games Turkey as I did well with Japan in uncompleted game of Oceania. Thanks Mark for your suggestions I will give them a good look over before next game. A GM no matter how he truly did Game Mastering loves to hear a bit of praise, hope some of you will sign up for next game. -- Hugh Polley

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