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(Europe 1615)

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Posted:Dec 01, 2013 at 11:09 pm
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It was inevitable. The Scandinavians were pressing deep into northern Germany, the Netherlands would soon be engulfed. As the hulking Norwegian fleet sailed south, the Dutch would meet their assailants just north of the West Frisian Islands. As one Dutch historian would put to paper in the coming days: "The great galleons would collide, fused in a fury of cannon balls, musket fire, and screaming men. Without the help of her allies, the Dutch Provinces soon fell to the onslaught the northerners, and the supporting Hessian army to the south."
The Scandinavians would not stop there. Supporting the army of Mecklenburg and its advances into Brandenburg, the Austrians were quickly expelled.
In Poland, a once staunch ally of Austria, the Protestant factions take hold of the parliament, setting their army against the Austrians; the Venetians would follow suit.
The Southern Netherlands fall to the French in exchange for Brittany. The French push east taking the Lorraine and overcoming Savoy. However, the Lorraine was a bastion of Protestantism and now rebels against its occupiers. (France will not be able garner influence from the Lorraine, but still entitled to a build.)
The Spaniards take Rome; the King of Spain is now hailed the King and Protector of Rome; the vatican welcomes its Christian occupiers.
The English continue to hold Scotland (its Catholic majority in revolt), and has successfully claimed the Channel.
The Portuguese fleet continues to hold the port city of Corunna in Galicia; this will impact the garnering of influence for the Spanish.

Communique from the Kingdom of Denmark-Norway with its vassal the Kingdom of Sweden: "I am really sorry Austria, it is in the name of Balance."

Austria retreats to Silesia as we open into this Winter of 1615.

Territorial acquisitions:

- Brittany, Champagne, Rome, and the Marches to Spain
- Southern Netherlands, Lorraine, and Savoy to France
- Wuertemburg to Austria
- Scotland to England
- Dutch Provinces, Bremen, Brunswick to Scandinavia

Expanding minor states:
- Pressburg to Poland
- Franconia to Bavaria

Entitled builds:

- Austria: 4 SCs - 3 units = +1 units
- Spain: 7 SCs - 4 units = +3 units
- France: 7 SCs - 4 units = +3 units
- England: 5 SCs - 3 units = +2 units
- Scandinavia: 7 SCs - 4 units = +3 units

Expanding minors states:
- Poland: 2 SCs - 1 unit = +1 unit (build order to be given by Scandinavia)

Army of the Lorraine and the army of Savoy disbanded.

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