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Subject:< dc119 S09 Results...Beginning of the End? 
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Posted:Sep 13, 2007 at 12:00 am
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England supports Turkey to Take Mar?
Wonder if the PM is Aware That Makes 18?
Weird Game...Who Knows What the Fall Holds.
Has the Yellow Plague Won?

Retreats Needed by Thursday the 29th, 5pm CST. The maps will come out tonight [somehow didn't attach them in saving the draft] and will update the site tonight as well.

Both retreats are German. For purposes of the maps, I selected where they retreated BUT they have options so Peter can choose other options if desired. The retreats are:

A Mar - I selected Gas
F ENG - I selected Bel

Please tell me if you wish other retreats.

NOTE: The ever-important Fall deadline is next Monday, March 3rd at 5pm CST.

Persistent Turtle (Spring 1909)

ENGLAND (Nick Buscaglia)
F(MAO) - IRI (FAILED); F(Bre) s F(Lon) - ENG; F(Lon) - ENG; F(Spa) sc s TURKISH A(Pie) - Mar; F(NTH) Stands; F(SKA) s F(NTH); F(StP) nc - Nwy (FAILED)

GERMANY (Peter Van Asten)
A(Den) - Swe; F(Hol) - NTH (FAILED); F(Nwy) s F(Hol) - NTH (CUT); A(Boh) s A(Mun) - Tyr (CUT); A(Bur) s A(Mar); A(Mar) Stands (DISLODGED TO Gas); A(Mun) - Tyr (FAILED); A(Pru) - War (FAILED); A(Sil) s A(Pru) - War (CUT); F(ENG) - IRI (FAILED, DISLODGED TO Bel)

TURKEY (Eric Mao)
F(Nap) - TYS; F(ION) - Tun; F(AEG) - ION; F(Smy) - AEG; A(Ank) - Sev; F(BLA) c A(Ank) - Sev; F(Rom) Stands; F(ADS) Stands; A(Pie) - Mar; F(GoL) s A(Pie) - Mar; A(Vie) - Boh (FAILED); A(Gal) - Sil (FAILED); A(War) s A(Gal) - Sil (CUT); A(Bud) - Rum; A(Con) - Bul; A(Mos) - Lvn; A(Tyr) s A(Vie) - Boh (CUT)

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Diplomacy games may contain lying, stabbing, or deliberately deceiving communications that may not be suitable for and may pose a hazard to young children, gullible adults, and small farm animals.

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