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(Fast-Paced Standard - Summer Mayhem)

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Posted:Oct 17, 2008 at 8:41 am
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Italy's perspective...

This was the first time I've played Italy for ages, and, sad to say, it remains my least favourite power - you end up getting stuck on 5 or 6 centres for too long...

At the start of the game, I was trying to keep the three eastern powers engaged with each other which would give me some scope to grow and chip away to the east - helped by a very useful non agression pact with France. However, I managed to annoy Austria sufficiently to make any progress against him impossible, and Turkey and Russia both seemed to be matching my warm words and no commitment with warm words and no commitment. I didn't support Turkey into Greece in the early part of the game, which caused some ructions, especially as I wanted to get some naval power into the Med.

France proved to be the best early game ally, supporting me into Munich, riling Germany extensively in the process. I had a bit of fun with Germany then, promising to work with him, only to grab another centre off him in Berlin. At the same time, Russia, Turkey and I agreed to divvy up Austria, and I reached the dizzy heights of 8 centres. This was always a false position I felt - Berlin was undefendable long term, and my TRI gain gave me no scope for further eastward movement.

About this time, Mike (I think) suggested a RIT alliance against what seemed to be a strong EF...it was a novel idea, but my first thought about it (Turkey wouldn;t have any frontline troops, and no room for expansion) proved to be it's undoing. We made some progress at first, with the objective of a 5 way draw (and thanks to mike on his extensive work on a stalemate line!!), but Turkey very effectively stabbed me. At this point, I pondered extensively a move against RT (France was keen to point out that I was likely to be juggernauted by them) by moving TRL into the vacant Balkans, but figured that if I did this, i'd rapidly be squeezed from both sides and be out of the game pretty sharpish. I figured my longevity in the game would be best served by forgiving Turkey - Russia seemed to take the same view, as by this point, he was getting squeezed as well.

There followed a number of years of me being on three centres and helping Turkey to move
east...NMRs spoiled things a little (we ended up with a shot at MAO through NMRs, but I think a further NMR spoilt that chance), as did an adjudication/order dispute. The latter years of the game involved everyone pointing out that Turkey had a good shot at a solo, Mike beavering away with England regarding a threat to throw the game to Turkey, and France beavering away with me to do something to give him room for manuver against Turkey. I maintained the view that my continuing survival was dependent on Turkey's goodwill, and that moving against him would lead to me being wiped out within a few seasons.

Overall, a five way draw is a fantastic result for me, given where I was at just after Turkey's stab. I'm really surprised that Turkey didn't go for the solo. Slightly unsatisfactory ending to the game, with a couple of NMRs on the five way draw vote.

So thanks to Wolf for GMing the game. I really like the blitz format (largely because I'm an impatient person!) and I'm sure GMing one is a pain. Thanks also to all the players in the game - Mike for showing his obvious massive experience in the game, Turkey for not wiping me out when he could, Germany for trusting me enough to allow me to grab two of his home centres, Austria for having the virtually impossible job of having three bloodthirsty neighbours, France for his numerous, well argued emails and England for keeping Russia busy.


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Way to plug the Blitz, Mike! Just goes to show, even as a player, you're a great Mod.

I'll think about it, eh?

I'm a Firefly fan and proud! Read my fiction:

--- On Thu, 10/16/08, Michael Sims <mike(at)southwall.com> wrote:
The game was fun tho – lots. And perfectly GM’d (now that you’re seasoned at running these speedy games, we’ve still got that WB spot open!)

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This message is in reply to post 6839:

And now, for a little Russian perspective…

Now I know what it’s like playing in the WB. A nightmare! Keeping up w the fast pace was incredibly difficult, combine this with a slew of mid-life changes, staying in the game at all was challenging, not to mention trying to talk to ppl that fast, and get moves in. Things were compounded when the deadlines moved from evenings to mornings, cuz that sort of cut out a day, since you had to have moves in the night before anyways (unless you get up to play at 5am). I got too many messages from Turkey around 11pm, when I’d signed off, with no way to react to them by the morning deadline. Then I’d hear my phone chime at 7am (Andy was so prompt!) and I knew results were out.

The game was fun tho – lots. And perfectly GM’d (now that you’re seasoned at running these speedy games, we’ve still got that WB spot open!)

I really enjoyed the early discussions, things were lively, everyone was interested. However it came out of the woodwork after about the 3rd or 4th stab by Andrew (England) unto me, that he’d planned from the start to strictly work with France in an EF duo. I picked up on this too late to save Germany, who I think fell pray to their banter and made some bad moves at me early on. Still tho Andrew (Ott) – was a pleasure to play you in this one, from your strange ramblings, to crazy moves, I was never bored and always entertained.

I don’t quite remember how things worked out in the south, that was so long, a home, a baby, a job, and 2000 miles ago. But I do remember Austria didn’t last very long. I think we all just ganged up and took him out. That left the 3 of us, Italy, Russia, Turkey, that sort of squabbled a bit, but also wanted to pull off some grander plans to stop the EF. Those plans were jumbled up by a hodgepodge of NMR’s that came around mid-game, when I think the speedy pace and extended / slow alliance game was taking its toll on everyone. At one point we could have broken into MAO, but for an untimely NMR which I remember getting annoyed at Turkey over.

Don’t know if he meant to vote down the DIAS, cuz he’s really the only one that could affect the game. Turkey had the clean shot at the solo, as we had 18 centers on our side of the line that had formed. This of course led to the countless discussions Andrew (England) had with me, about how I wanted him to back down so I could secure myself and prevent the solo, but he wanted me to “trust him” that he’d sit idly beside me and never attack me. So I wasn’t biting, rightfully so, for he’d said similar things, then stabbed me over and over again for Swe, Nwy, and StP. This set up the solo chance for Turkey, which he probly could have got if he’d wanted to go for it, but it would have been a slow process to meticulously transfer centers in a way that England couldn’t nab Mos.

Oddly enough, Andrew and I traded more emails together (by about double) than I did with any other player, and he attacked me all game. Just goes to show sometimes you stick it out, persevere, and write someone all the time it will pay off… and other times, like this, it doesn’t. Smile Good learning experience in terms of just how many times one can fib to your face and still expect you to believe him!

Overall, glad the DIAS passed as it was a stalemate by every definition, unless Turkey wanted to try for the win.

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