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(Standard - Galad)

Subject:< DC203 Galad AS04 Results - Russia Lives! >
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Posted:Oct 21, 2008 at 6:29 pm
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Russia Lives to Die Another Day
A New Alliance in the East?
France Still Hanging Tough.

No retreats needed and only two builds, one for Turkey and one for England. Let's set our next deadline
for Tuesday October 28th 5pm CST. That will give us time to get retreats in before I go out of town;
yes, I will be out of town for about 10 days so we will have a slight hiatus. The Tuesday deadline is for
Spring 1905!!!!

I will send out builds when I receive them. The deadline for those is two days hence 5pm CST. I will NOT
be able to send out an updated map with those two builds [most likely] because I am out of town but I
will try to send out one if I can. I certainly can send out the updated map on Sunday.

dc203 Galad (Autumn 1904)

F(WMS) - GoL; A(Bel) - Bre; F(StP) nc - Nwy (FAILED); F(ENG) c A(Bel) - Bre; F(MAO) s A(Bel) - Bre; F(NTH) - Nwy (FAILED)

A(Mar) s A(Spa); A(Gas) s A(Par) - Bre (CUT); A(Par) - Bre (FAILED); A(Spa) s A(Mar)

GERMANY (Christian)
A(Pic) - Par (FAILED); A(Bur) - Gas (FAILED); A(Pru) - War; A(Lvn) s A(Pru) - War; A(War) - Gal; F(BAL) - Kie; F(Den) Stands

ITALY (Brian)
F(TYS) - ION; F(ADS) s F(TYS) - ION; A(Tri) - Ser (FAILED); A(Alb) s A(Tri) - Ser (CUT); A(Vie) s GERMAN A(War) - Gal; F(Tun) s F(TYS) - ION

RUSSIA (Andrew)
A(Bud) - Gal (FAILED)

A(Mos) Stands; A(Rum) s A(Ser); A(Ser) s F(Gre) - Alb (CUT); A(Ukr) s A(Mos); F(AEG) - Gre (FAILED); F(Con) - AEG (FAILED); F(EMS) - ION (FAILED); F(Gre) - Alb (FAILED)

Autumn 1904 Adjustments:
E: +Bre, StP, Bel, Edi, Lon, Lpl, Nwy = 7; Gains 1.
F: Mar, Par, Spa, Por, -Bre = 4; Loses 1.
G: War, Kie, Den, Mun, Swe, Ber, Hol = 7; No change.
I: Tri, Vie, Tun, Nap, Rom, Ven, -Ser = 6; Loses 1.
R: Bud = 1; No change.
T: Mos, Rum, +Ser, Con, Gre, Bul, Sev, Ank, Smy = 9; Gains 1.

E: Builds 1
F: None.
G: None.
I: None.
R: None.
T: Builds 1

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