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(FOW III I/II: Ancient Art of War in Fog)

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Posted:Jan 04, 2009 at 9:42 am
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Dc122, [u:71b9e192cd]The Ancient Art of War in Fog[/u:71b9e192cd] – started way back in August of 2007, has finally come to a close nearly 500 days later. An unconventional ending, the game is called a DIAS by the GM. Congrats to Jorge, Isaac, Mike and Rolf for sharing in this marathon 4-way draw!

Final counts:
* Isaac: 23
* Jorge: 21
* Mike: 13
* Rolf: 1

The game was called a draw as a result of no progress, a warning 2 years ago that it would come to this, and no attempt by the players to tell of the progress they intended to make. As the GM, I offered 4 possible endings to the players, or if they did not want the game to end immediately, they had to explain to me how they planned to get something else. Nobody chose to do this, and so the game is over. The proposed 3-way, 2-way, and solo were voted down, so the game is a 4-way DIAS.

GM commentary:

This was an unexpected way to have to end a game, but it was necessary, as the only strategy I was being given was that two of the three larger players were trying solely to eliminate the third – while leaving a 4th player on 1 undefended dot, alive. Though possible in theory, it was a common consensus that this would have taken many more years, while at the same time a player who could actually win the game was passing up an uncontested victory turn after turn. About 2 years of possible wins simply by walking into the appropriate centers were dismissed. The 4th and final player was left in a situation with 1 unit and 1 center, but the unit on a separate island and completely unable to stay alive aside from by another’s will for him to live by not walking into his last center.

That is ultimately the reason I called the game – and while of course everyone will maintain that they play the game for different reasons, and for different goals – and everyone will agree winning isn’t everything, we do have to agree unanimously that we are here to play Diplomacy, and the very clear and explicit goals laid out by the rules of the game, state the goal of playing is to try to get the majority of centers on the board to win. Once players stopped playing for the actual game goals, the game became pointless and it was time to call it.

Some did allege that I did not want to run the game any more, and that is not true at all – I loved running the game, had a great time, and really do enjoy a hard-fought marathon! However a marathon does need to have a purpose, so as to not spin your wheels fruitlessly – like when players have the opportunity to actually win the race yet they don’t take it for some ulterior goals that have been added to the game. Running a race not to win, but simply to try to trip the guy next to you is no longer a race.

End-Game-Statements (EGS) are encouraged and appreciated from all, particularly reflecting on the first half of the game before it reduced down to the slog it became for the latter half.

Final standings: www.diplomaticcorp.com?game_id=dc122
Pleasantview stats: www.diplomaticcorp.com/country_stats.php?map=Pleasantview

Congrats to all – it was fun making the map, and seeing it play out in two playtests! I’ll release the results of both in a subsequent email.

Welcome to this 4th edition of Fog of War...

[u:71b9e192cd]The Ancient Art of War in Fog[/u:71b9e192cd]


FOW general info: www.sims-family.net/dip/fow/fow.htm

First deadline: Spring 01 due Friday 9/7, 2pm Pacific

By now you have all received your starting maps and directives. The map has 58 supply centers, 30 are needed for a solo win.

ABBREVIATIONS: I'll accept anything that isn't vague. If you cant read a map name, you can guess and I'll probly figure it out or you can ask me. Since the map has all new names, many of them hard to decipher, I'm not going to be a stickler for abbreviations. However there are many places with two coasts, and specifying a coast is necessary if a fleet could move to either coast.

FONTS: If you look closely you'll see the fonts vary slightly as you move out from your home land. This definitely IS an indication that you're nearing another player.


Black : Martin Gilbey : the.gilbeys(at)ntlworld.com
Blue : Mike Hoffman : mrh(at)panix.com
Brown : Jorge Saralegui : jorgesaralegui(at)verizon.net
Forest : Trent Woodruff : afretired(at)charter.net
Magenta : Derek Eiler : derekthefeared2(at)yahoo.com
Purple : Chris Lockheardt : clockheardt(at)yahoo.com
Red : Lee Taylor : leewarrentaylor(at)yahoo.co.uk
Teal : Caleb Edwards : teddetted(at)yahoo.com
White : Rolf Loschek : rolfloschek(at)yahoo.de
Yellow : Isaac Zinner : isaac.zinner(at)gmail.com


A strong cast!!

6 players out of the 10 have played in one of my previous Fog of War games!

Black - Martin Gilbey - a brief showing as a replacement player in FOW2-Return of the Fog - managed a survival in a tough position.

Blue - Mike Hoffman - a strong survivor in F2-ROTF... Strong player, early leader, and you all know where that leads. Smile

Forest - Trent Woodruff - one of the 4 to draw in F2-ROTF! The only player in this game to have been part of the draw-- the other 3 are playing in FOW3 right now.

Magenta - Derek Eiler - one of the players in the original FOW in 2005. Strong showing with a 3-way finish! (also with Steve and Mikael)

Red - Lee Taylor - an unfortunate elimination in F2-ROTF, was a strong central power that got hit from just about every side possible.

Yellow - Isaac Zinner - the first to get the axe in last year's game. I'm sure he has a lot to prove this round!


And joining us for the first time...

Brown - Jorge Saralegui - 3rd ranked in the club, soloed his first game in DC! What more can you say.

Teal - Caleb Edwards - New to the club, with a strong showing thus far in Tears of Cassandra

White - Rolf Loschek - My arch nemesis in our world konflikte game wk2 - hard negotiator and excellent ally.

Purple - Chris Lockheardt - Players in Dipworld know him no introduction necessary... a legend and welcome addition to the game!



This is surely an art form in this game. Not only do you not know who your enemies are, but you don’t know where any player is! Keep in mind you are no more than 1 or 2 spaces from a neighbor in every direction. The map truly is brutal, with conflict everywhere. You are welcome to use any tools at your disposal… the Players… the Colors… the Names… the Units… the Maps… to discern your position. It’s all fair game. Note tho forging false maps is also fair game!

General map info: The map is rectangular, and it does not wrap around. So there are 4 definite corners. If you see a flat edge, that does mean you are on an edge. If not… well… good luck!

Any questions do ask! Cc the group if you think an answer would benefit all.

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