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Posted:Sep 13, 2007 at 12:00 am
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It appears we have another Nero on our hands, as the ruler of the boot abandons
his duties and watches Rome burn at the hands of the Austrian empire. Pardon
my imprecise jumbling of history. So Italy NMRs; CD will ensue if it happens
again. This means his dislodged F Tun is automatically disbanded, and thus,
with no other retreats, we progress directly to Fall 1909.

Fall 1909 will be due this coming Friday, January 4, at 9 pm eastern.



Rom H: Dislodged by Tus 2:1;
Nap H: OK
Tun H: Dislodged by Tyn 2:1;

Ber - Pru: Bounce with Pru;
Sil S Ber - Pru: Cut by Gal; Dislodged by Gal 2:1;
Mun H: OK
Kie S Mun H: OK
Pic - Bel: OK
Par - Bur: Bounce with Bur;
Fin - StP: Bounce with StP;

Nwy H: OK
Mar H: OK
Lon - Eng: OK
MAt - Wes: OK
Bre - MAt: OK
GoL S MAt - Wes: OK
Edi - Nrg: OK
Gas H: OK

Bur - Mun: Bounce with Mun;
Tus - Rom: OK
Ven S Tus - Rom: OK
Alb - Adr - Apu: OK
Tyn - Tun: OK
Ion S Tyn - Tun: OK
Adr C Alb - Apu: OK
Tyr S Bur - Mun: OK
Vie - Boh: OK
Rum - Gal: OK
Gal - Sil: OK
War S Gal - Sil: OK
Pru - Ber: Bounce with Ber;
Mos S StP H: OK

Germany disbands unit in Sil

Italy disbands unit in Rom

Italy may retreat fleet in Tun to: NAf

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dc121 Spring 1909 Results (test_gm) Sep 13, 12:00 am

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