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Posted:Jan 12, 2009 at 7:03 am
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Fellow Dipsters –

First, my apologies for a belated game start. I was inconvenienced by a minor health issue over the past week. However, I must admit to being somewhat disappointed that only THREE of you gave affirmative responses to the last group email I sent. None-the-less, in the interest of getting this game off the ground… I have decided to assign countries to seven of you as listed below.

I expect a confirmation from ALL seven by Tuesday at 10:00pm EST (US Eastern Time). I would also ask Bart and Alex (the substitutes) to email me as well if they remain interested – if I do not hear from one of the original seven, they will be replaced by the subs on Tuesday night.

All deadlines will be at 10:00pm EST. Below is an initial schedule:

Spring 1901: Wed January 21st
Fall 1901: Wed January 28th
Fall Retreats: Thu January 29th
Winter 1901: Sat January 31st

Spring 1902: Wed February 4th
Summer 1902: Thu February 5th
Fall 1902: Wed February 11th
Fall Retreats: Thu February 12th
Winter 1902 Sat February 14th

NMR (No Move Received) policy: The first missed deadline will earn you a public warning. The second missed deadline will get you replaced.

Orders: I use gmail which has a great feature that allows all 'related' emails to be stacked together. To maximize this benefit and keep all of your orders in one place, I will be sending each of you a separate individual email titled "Dip 230 - <Country> Orders". Please reply to THAT email for your orders and do NOT change the subject. In the body, start off with the season and year followed by your orders. I also HIGHLY recommend that you send a preliminary set of orders every single turn so you do not get trapped in my NMR policy.

Delays: I will grant reasonable delay requests made BEFORE the deadline.

Maps: I recommend you download RealPolitik or Diplo (do a google search) which are both very useful free applications that allow you to 'map' the game on your own computer. I will also attach a copy of the map to every adjudication as well as post it on the DC website.

Themes: We'll forgo the theme idea since there was not a lot of interest in it.

Without further ado, the country assignments are below. Enjoy the game and have fun.

Turkey - Ross Jefferson: Ross92021(at)yahoo.com ([email]Ross92021(at)yahoo.com[/email])
Location : Windom, MN, US

Germany - Greg Olds: gregisgreat(at)hotmail.com ([email]gregisgreat(at)hotmail.com[/email])
Location : Solihull, WMID, UK

Russia - Justin Card: jcard(at)atnex.net ([email]jcard(at)atnex.net[/email])
Location : Acworth, GA, US

Austria - Nathan Woll: nwoll(at)yahoo.com ([email]nwoll(at)yahoo.com[/email])
Location : Temperance, MI, US

England - Aidan Slattery: aislattery(at)aol.com ([email]aislattery(at)aol.com[/email])
Location : Leamington Spa, Warks, UK

France - Jim Raynor: hieusua(at)gmail.com ([email]hieusua(at)gmail.com[/email])
Location :

Italy - Bruce Quinn: coebq(at)yahoo.com ([email]coebq(at)yahoo.com[/email])
Location : Beijing, China

Substitute - Bart Shadle: bartdoggg42(at)yahoo.com ([email]bartdoggg42(at)yahoo.com[/email])
Location : Columbus, OH, US

Substitute - Alex Maslow: wizarddiplomat(at)yahoo.com ([email]wizarddiplomat(at)yahoo.com[/email])
Location : Amherst, USDownload free emoticons today! Holiday cheer from Messenger.

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Dc 230 - New Age of Diplomacy (Game Start and Country Assignments) (deathblade_penguin) Jan 12, 07:03 am

Diplomacy games may contain lying, stabbing, or deliberately deceiving communications that may not be suitable for and may pose a hazard to young children, gullible adults, and small farm animals.

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