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Austrian Solo - Fall 1909


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G.M. emailkremer-dot-matthew-at-gmail-dot-com
Cur SeasonSpring 00
Next DeadlineSee adjudication
S. C.34
Start Date2007-08-24
End Date2008-01-01
Real-Life Time131 days
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Seq Country   Player Result S.C. Seas NMRs Rtg
0 Austria Captain of the Watch Gold Star9ddz999cat23Solo 19 18 0 28.29 1306
0 England Nobleman Blank9powbillypilgrimSurvival 8 18 1 -3.12 1184.83
0 France Herald Blank9busckeeper0018Eliminated 0 16 0 -5.17 1177.78
0 Germany Nobleman Blank9noelwhitesmithSurvival 7 18 0 -3.13 1184.82
0 Italy Nobleman Blank9AlounzoEliminated 0 18 2 -5.17 1177.78
0 Russia Nobleman Blank9CiceroEliminated 0 10 0 -5.84 1177.11
0 Turkey Countryman Blank9non33d2askEliminated 0 10 0 -5.84 1177.11

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For those who have not heard, this is the official congratulations to Archduke
Dan of Austria-Hungary for conquering Europe with a solo victory!

Also many thanks to all involved with this game; we had a great level of
commitment (only one NMR and no replacements needed) which made this, my first
as a GM in DC, smooth and extremely enjoyable to watch develop. My personal
favorite moment was the point where France had one supply center, and it was

EOG (end of game) statements are welcome from all. For those of you new to this
concept and EOG is just a short email to everybody giving a description of how
the game unfolded from your point of view: what went well, what didn't, and a
bit of what you were thinking at various crucial turning points in the game.
Obviously this is not required but the more people that do it, the more
everyone gets out of the end of the game, at least from my experience.

So again thanks to all and I hope to see you all in more DC games in the future!
Happy New Year, and again congrats to Dan!


PS: My computer is acting up and not letting me attach the map; it will be on
the game's page on the website for all eternity though so you can see it there.

Final Adj:

Tun H: OK
Ion S Apu - Nap: OK
Rom S Apu - Nap: OK
Apu - Nap: OK
Adr H: OK
Ven - Pie: OK
Tyr S Sil - Mun: OK
Boh S Sil - Mun: OK
Sil - Mun: OK
Pru - Ber: Bounce with Ber;
Bur S Sil - Mun: OK
War - Lvn: OK
Gal - War: OK
Mos S StP H: OK

England: all units hold

Germany: all units hold

Italy: all units hold

Map on website

Diplomacy games may contain lying, stabbing, or deliberately deceiving communications that may not be suitable for and may pose a hazard to young children, gullible adults, and small farm animals.

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