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Global Domination


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G.M. emailmvpenner-at-yahoo-dot-com
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Cur SeasonSummer 15
Next Deadline2009-06-18 @ 22:00:00 GMT
Result4-Way Draw
S. C.70
Start Date2008-05-30
End Date2009-06-21
Real-Life Time388 days
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Seq Country   Player Result S.C. Seas NMRs Rtg
0 Amazon Captain of the Watch Blank9DamienThrynDraw 16 28 0 6.84 1241.99
0 China Order of the Alliance Gold Star9FuzzyLogicEliminated 0 28 0 -7.17 1421.8
0 Congo Captain of the Watch Gold Star9former.troutEliminated 0 22 0 -4.92 1283.65
0 Europe Countryman Blank9danny117caEliminated 0 6 2 -5.51 1212.89
0 Mexico Captain of the Watch Gold Star9LequinianDraw 20 28 0 7.12 1254.33
0 Oceania Order of the Raven Blank9bielf11Survival 1 28 0 -3.55 1218.9
0 Persia Herald Silver Star9luckyllamaDraw 17 28 0 7.12 1213.57
0 Quebec Herald Blank9DarkWolfEliminated 0 16 0 -4.42 1214.58
0 Russia Captain of the Watch Blank9catsfatherDraw 15 28 0 7.19 1216.83
0 Sahara Nobleman Blank9GhandiSurvival 1 28 0 -2.73 1220.66

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For immediate release:

ALGIERS - Sources indicate that the war has finally come to an end! In a meeting hosted by the Algerian president, the G4 (consisting of Mexican, South American, Russian and Persian dignitaries) signed a peace treaty, agreeing to end hostilities. This comes after 14 years of bitter fighting and many attempts at reaching that elusive peace deal. A signing ceremony is scheduled for tomorrow after official documents have been prepared.

Michael Penner, Associated Press.


Just to make it clear to everyone: we've agreed to a four-way draw between Mexico, South America, Persia and Russia, with West Africa and Oceana getting survivals. Good game everyone... I look forward to hearing more about it.


Hey there everyone, now that I have time to actually put forth some of my thoughts I think I will do so...

First of all, thanks for helping me test the map. It's still a work in progress and the latest version is much different. Any comments/suggestions are quite welcome.

Wow... sucks to be the guy that sees three people gang up on you (Austria in the standard, Europe in the this particular game). I have to admit, there were certain powers for whom I was cheering, simply because I've played this map a few times and there are some who always seem to get the short end of the stick. I'm starting to think that's the map and not the players.

Good job by Mexico in getting armies all over the place... you're right, it's tough to get yourself into places, but you were starting to get there.

South America: I might agree with you on needing more ocean spaces. We kept the big ones on purpose because we wanted the game to get off to a quick start... don't think I'll change those. But it might be a good idea to add some small shoreline spaces... we'll see. Mid-game I got to play SAm for the first time and got kinda frustrated myself.

Africa: Too bad you two couldn't get along. WAf was making good progress into Europe and I thought SAf had SAm on the ropes, but it wasn't meant to be, I suppose.

Oceania: That spot holds a special place in my heart because I actually managed to solo from there once... it's a tough place to defend though... not sure how to fix that.

Russia & China: Another place where I was convinced you would eventually work together, after meeting over NAm, but my prediction definitely never came to pass there.

Persia: Well done on the diplomacy... Persia can have many enemies, but also many allies... you balanced it well.

North America: Tough playing this game when you don't have allies... eventually people start eating away at your territory... but I know Dan, and he's used to that by now...

I certainly enjoyed GMing most of the time... toward the end it got a little tedious because nothing was really happening. Rules say I can't tell you what was actually going on, but maybe it'll come out in an EOG somewhere.

A quick question about the colours... I've tried to make them as distinct as I can... but it's kinda tough to find 10 distinct colours... any suggestions?


Diplomacy games may contain lying, stabbing, or deliberately deceiving communications that may not be suitable for and may pose a hazard to young children, gullible adults, and small farm animals.

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