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England Solo


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Cur SeasonWinter 09
Next Deadline2009-07-28 @ 00:18:00 GMT
S. C.56
Start Date2008-12-22
End Date2009-07-28
Real-Life Time219 days
Slideshow SC Chart
| TheWhiteWolf's House Rules | Rating Calculation
Seq Country   Player Result S.C. Seas NMRs Rtg
0 Austria Captain of the Watch Blank9FlapJackAbandon 5 3 2 -5.71 1180.03
1 Austria Captain of the Watch Blank9MattKellyEliminated 0 10 0 -1.86 1220.88
0 England Captain of the Watch Gold Star9zeclientSolo 30 18 0 28.24 1251.99
0 France Captain of the Watch Silver Star9agwopaCivil Disorder 0 15 1 -6.52 1235.98
0 Germany Esquire Blank9mistroSurvival 12 18 1 -2.15 1206.45
0 Italy Captain of the Watch Silver Star9MDemagogueEliminated 0 18 0 -4.43 1232.48
0 Russia Herald Blank9BabakTalebiAbandon 9 7 1 -5.67 1221.76
1 Russia Captain of the Watch Blank9jmc66Eliminated 0 12 1 -2.19 1214.04
0 Turkey Captain of the Watch Silver Star9scaponigAbandon 9 3 1 -5.35 1220.81
1 Turkey Nobleman Blank9IErzikSurvival 14 18 0 0.91 1218.96

PREV  Fall 1922 Adjudication:  NEXT    

Thanks to all of you for getting your orders in well in advance of the deadline. Sorry this is coming out so late - I let my mind slip today.
According to the DipWiki, the solo victory criteria for this variant is 29 SCs, which England has not only achieved, but surpassed this year. Although RealPolitik doesn't seem to recognize this, I am going with the rules laid out for the variant, and calling this game an England solo.
Congratulations to Nick Cherrier for the win, and thank you all for playing. I'd especially like to thank Matt Kelly, Jeffrey Clay, and Ilyas Erzik for stepping in as replacements when we needed them so badly. Of course, Nick, Michael Stroz, and Mark Utterbach also deserve accolades for sticking with this game from beginning to end - thank you for staying true to the goals of the game and the community, gentlemen.
End of Game (EOG) statements would be appreciated, but I won't harass anyone who doesn't wish to provide one. I look forward to seeing you all in future games, whether I GM for you, you GM for me, or we face off across a board. Thanks again, everyone.


Austria: Matt Kelly
England: Nick Cherrier
France: Civil Disorder
Germany: Michael Stroz
Italy: Mark Utterbach
Russia: Jeffrey Clay
Turkey: Ilyas Erzik


F Barents Sea Supports A St Petersburg
A Belgium Hold
A Burgundy Supports A Munich
F Denmark Supports F Sweden - Baltic Sea
F English Channel Hold
A Gascony - Marseilles
F Gulf of Lyon Supports A Piedmont - Tuscany
F Gulf of Bothnia Supports F Sweden - Baltic Sea
F Helgoland Bight Supports F Kiel
A Holland Supports F Kiel
F Irish Sea - Mid-Atlantic Ocean
F Kiel Hold
A Marseilles - Piedmont
F Mid-Atlantic Ocean - Portugal
A Munich Supports F Kiel (*Cut*)
F Naples Supports F Western Mediterranean - Tyrrhenian Sea
F North Sea Supports F Denmark
A Norway Supports A St Petersburg
A Piedmont - Tuscany
F Rome Supports A Piedmont - Tuscany
A Ruhr Supports A Munich
F Skagerrak - Sweden
F Spain(sc), no move received
A St Petersburg Hold
F Sweden - Baltic Sea
F Tunis Hold
F Western Mediterranean - Tyrrhenian Sea

F Baltic Sea Supports F Berlin - Kiel (*Disbanded*)
F Berlin - Kiel (*Fails*)
A Bohemia Supports A Silesia - Munich
A Budapest - Galicia
A Livonia Supports A Moscow
A Moscow Supports A Livonia
A Prussia Supports A Livonia
A Silesia - Munich (*Fails*)
A Tyrolia Supports A Silesia - Munich
A Vienna Supports A Tyrolia
A Warsaw Supports A Moscow

F Tuscany Hold (*Disbanded*)

F Adriatic Sea Hold
F Aegean Sea Hold
F Albania Hold
F Apulia Hold
F Black Sea Hold
A Bulgaria Hold
F Eastern Mediterranean Hold
F Ionian Sea Hold
F Rumania Hold
A Serbia Hold
A Sevastopol Hold
A Syria Hold
A Trieste Supports A Tyrolia
F Venice Hold


German F Baltic Sea has no retreats, disbanded.
Italian F Tuscany has no retreats, disbanded.

FINAL Unit Positions: (SCs/Units)


England: (30/27)
Armies - Bel, Bur, Hol, Mar, Mun, Nwy, Pie, Ruh, StP, Tus
Fleets - Bal, Bar, Bot, Den, Eng, Hel, Kie, Lyo, MAO, Nap, Nth, Por, Rom, Spa(sc), Swe, Tun, Tys


Germany: (12/10)
Armies - Boh, Gal, Lvn, Mos, Pru, Sil, Trl, Vie, War
Fleets - Ber



Turkey: (14/14)
Armies - Bul, Ser, Sev, Syr, Tri
Fleets - Adr, Aeg, Alb, Apu, Bla, Eas, Ion, Rum, Ven

Map and RP file are attached for your convenience, enjoy!

Thanks all, once again,
The White Wolf

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