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MapAmbition and Empire  [Wiki]  [Stats]
Cur SeasonWinter 03
Next Deadline2009-06-06 @ 03:00:00 GMT
S. C.44
Start Date2009-02-05
End Date2009-06-05
Real-Life Time121 days
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Seq Country   Player Result S.C. Seas NMRs Rtg
0 Austria / Habsburg Order of the Ocelot Gold Star9txurceSurvival 7 16 0 -3.76 1312.45
0 Denmark / Norway Nobleman Silver Star9raistlinSurvival 10 16 0 -2.15 1205.9
0 France Captain of the Watch Blank9mjn82Survival 1 16 1 -3.11 1204.94
0 Great Britain Nobleman Silver Star9martinhavenSolo 15 16 1 31.6 1329.97
0 Ottoman Empire Captain of the Watch Gold Star9smileyrobSurvival 6 16 0 -2.52 1205.53
0 Poland / Saxony Captain of the Watch Blank9MattKellySurvival 2 16 0 -3.33 1222.74
0 Prussia Captain of the Watch Silver Star9MDemagogueEliminated 0 14 1 -5.18 1230.09
0 Russian Empire Esquire Blank9nathanalbrightSurvival 1 16 1 -3.11 1204.94
0 Spain Captain of the Watch Blank9egniSurvival 2 16 0 -2.85 1194.31
0 Sweden Esquire Silver Star9SturmkraeheEliminated 0 8 0 -5.63 1228.77

PREV  Spring 1770 Adjudication:  NEXT    

A&E 090205/DC240: The Spring 1770 season has been adjudicated. This was a mainly passive turn, although a few SCs did change hands, with the Danes marching into British Berlin, the British sliding into Turkish Morocco, and the Turks moving into Austrian Sicily.

Retreat orders are only needed from Austria, for A Burgundy. The deadline for Fall 1770 is June 4th.

We have two sets of press before the adjudications, including a first time (I think) contributor:

PRESS #1 (British)

Eng -> Den/Nwy: David, I had to at least provide some cover if you ordered an attack on Berlin. I expect our fleets to bounce in Ska, and Hel will only be hostile if Cop moved south instead of convoying.

Eng -> Fra: Hope you're still with me, buddy.


PRESS #2 (Danish)

Frank, I had to do it. I wanted to wait at least another year or two for
this, but after last year I felt that my position had become untenable,
especially with my eastern worries. I know that the risk is that Jorge
will storm to victory from here. But in my judgment it is a risk that is
to some extent balanced by the fleet power that Turkey has become in the
med, and if Turkey is no longer under too much pressure from you then
there is an opening there for him. And, of course, I too am seeking
victory if possible (although I am not in the best position yet for

The board: There has been some discussion as to my untrustworthy nature,
my double-dealing and my ruthlessness. None of it is true. Trust me on


Spring/Fall Adjudications
Austrian A Bav S A Vie
Austrian A Baw - Boh
Austrian A Bur - Hew *Bounce* *Dislodged*
Austrian A Dre S A Baw - Boh
Austrian A Swi - Tyr
Austrian A Ven S A Vie
Austrian A Vie S A Baw - Boh *Cut*
Austrian F Tws H *Dislodged* *Disbanded*
British A Ber - Lus
British A Han S A Hew *Cut*
British A Hew S A Ber - Lus *Cut*
British A Lon - Ane
British A Par S A Pic - Bur
British A Pic - Bur
British F Bre - Mid
British F Eng C A Lon - Ane
British F Mid - Mor
British F Nth - Ska *Bounce*
British F Por - And
British F Upr - Hel
Danish A Brl S A Cop - Ber
Danish A Chr - Nov
Danish A Cop - Ber
Danish A Cou - Liv
Danish A Kon - Lit *Bounce*
Danish A Mec - Han *Bounce*
Danish A Mos H
Danish F Bal C A Cop - Ber
Danish F Sca - Ska *Bounce*
French A Brc - Lan
French A Gas S A Pic - Bur
Neutral A Pap S F Tws *Cut*
Polish A Bud - Vie *Bounce*
Polish A War - Pos
Russian A Kie H
Spanish F Gly S F Wes
Spanish F Wes H
Turkish A Cro S A Bud - Vie
Turkish A Lit S A War - Pos *Cut*
Turkish F Adr S F Ion - Tws
Turkish F Ion - Tws
Turkish F Tun - Wes *Bounce*
Turkish F Tys - Pap (wc) *Bounce*

Retreat Possibilities
Austrian A Bur can retreat to Baw, Mar, Sav, Swi or disband
Austrian F Tws is destroyed (no valid retreats)

Diplomacy games may contain lying, stabbing, or deliberately deceiving communications that may not be suitable for and may pose a hazard to young children, gullible adults, and small farm animals.

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