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MapRenaissance  [Wiki]  [Stats]
Cur SeasonFall 06
Next Deadline2009-08-19 @ 00:18:00 GMT
Result6-Way Draw
S. C.35
Start Date2009-03-20
End Date2009-08-19
Real-Life Time153 days
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| TheWhiteWolf's House Rules | Rating Calculation
Seq Country   Player Result S.C. Seas NMRs Rtg
0 England Order of the Oak Silver Star9offdiscDraw 9 12 0 1.17 1221.34
0 France Artisan Blank9DonAloysioAbandon 4 5 1 -7.27 1192.73
1 France Nobleman Blank9andrewdadeskyEliminated 0 8 0 -3.36 1205.8
0 Holy Roman Empire Captain of the Watch Blank9SamnuvaDraw 1 12 1 1.48 1203.26
0 Ottoman Empire Countryman Blank9batman83Abandon 4 3 1 -4.6 1199.58
1 Ottoman Empire Captain of the Watch Blank9rodthewormAbandon 3 9 2 -4.61 1234.24
2 Ottoman Empire Herald Blank9BrutusDraw 3 12 0 1.15 1202.63
0 Poland-Lithuania Order of the Mammoth Blank9GithraineDraw 7 12 1 1.39 1208.64
0 Spain Artisan Blank9TheInvaderAbandon 4 1 1 -4.25 1217.15
1 Spain Countryman Blank9AgrippaDraw 4 12 0 1.45 1222.47
0 Venice Order of the Raven Gold Star9CorrinoDraw 11 12 0 0.66 1251.39

PREV  Fall 1906 Adjudication:  NEXT    

That's right - the game is over. Every remaining player voted in favor of the DIAS. Congratulations to Mike, Sam, Jason, Rodrigo, Kevin and Chris. Special thanks to Sam, who gamely held on with only one unit for four game years. Also, thanks to Andrew for sticking with it until he was eliminated.
End of Game statements will be appreciated - feel free to send them to everyone, or you can send them to me and I will forward them out.


England: Mike Hoffman mrh@panix.com
France: Andrew d'Adesky andrewdadesky@hotmail.com
Holy Roman Empire: Sam Buck Sam_Buck_Productions@Mac.com
Russia: Jason K Githraine@yahoo.com
Spain: Rodrigo Yanez rpyanez@gmail.com
Ottoman Empire: Kevin Burt Brutus@wbhsi.net
Venice: Chris Morse camorse22@yahoo.com

Final Orders:

F Brest - Mid-Atlantic Ocean
A Burgundy Supports A Munich - Switzerland
F English Channel Supports F Brest - Mid-Atlantic Ocean
F Gulf of Lyon Supports F Tunis - Tyrrhenian Sea
A Holland - Kiel (*Bounce*)
F Irish Sea Supports F Brest - Mid-Atlantic Ocean
A Kiel - Munich (*Fails*)
A Munich - Switzerland (*Fails*)
F Tunis - Tyrrhenian Sea

A Berlin - Kiel (*Bounce*)

F Ankara Hold
A Armenia - Sevastopol
F Black Sea - Rumania (*Bounce*)
A Sevastopol - Moscow
A Sweden - Finland
A Ukraine Supports A Warsaw (*Cut*)
A Warsaw Hold (*Dislodged*)

F Marseilles Hold
F Mid-Atlantic Ocean Hold (*Dislodged*)
F North Africa - Tunis
F Spain(sc) Supports F Marseilles

A Bulgaria Supports A Constantinople
A Constantinople Supports F Smyrna
F Smyrna Supports A Constantinople

A Budapest Supports A Serbia - Rumania (*Fails*)
A Galicia - Warsaw
F Ionian Sea Supports F North Africa - Tunis
A Livonia - St Petersburg
F Rome - Tyrrhenian Sea (*Fails*)
A Rumania - Ukraine (*Fails*)
A Serbia - Rumania (*Bounce*)
A Silesia Supports A Galicia - Warsaw
A Switzerland - Munich (*Fails*)
A Tyrolia Supports A Switzerland - Munich
F Tyrrhenian Sea - Western Mediterranean

Final Unit Positions: (SCs/Units)

England: (9/9)
Armies - Bur, Hol, Kie, Mun
Fleets - Eng, Iri, Lyo, MAO, Tys

France: ELIMINATED 1457

Holy Roman Empire: (1/1)
Armies - Ber

Russia: (7/7)
Armies - Fin, Mos, Sev, Ukr, War (dislodged)
Fleets - Ank, Bla

Spain: (4/4)
Fleets - Mar, Spa(sc), Tun, MAO (dislodged)

Ottoman Empire: (3/3)
Armies - Bul, Con
Fleets - Smy

Venice: (11/11)
Armies - Bud, Rum, Ser, Sil, StP, Swi, Trl, War
Fleets - Ion, Rom, Wes

Thanks for playing, everyone! I hope to see you all again sooner or later. SHAMELESS PLUG: I'm currently recruiting for a Machiavelli game. See re003 on the DC Open Games page.

Map and RP file are attached for your convenience, enjoy!

Thanks all,
The White Wolf

I'm a Firefly fan and proud! Read my fiction:

Diplomacy games may contain lying, stabbing, or deliberately deceiving communications that may not be suitable for and may pose a hazard to young children, gullible adults, and small farm animals.

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