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A Grim World #1


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G.M. emaildrew3739o-at-yahoo-dot-com
Cur SeasonFall 05
Next Deadline2009-06-28 @ 16:00:00 GMT
Result3-Way Draw
S. C.34
Start Date2009-02-26
End Date2009-08-12
Real-Life Time168 days
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Seq Country   Player Result S.C. Seas NMRs Rtg
0 Austria Captain of the Watch Blank9jmc66Eliminated 0 7 0 -5.88 1203.31
0 England Artisan Blank9mantastic89Abandon 0 4 2 -6.84 1193.16
1 England Order of the Ocelot Silver Star9AlanRFarringtonEliminated 0 14 0 -1.95 1213
0 France Countryman Blank9GibbyEliminated 0 16 1 -4.99 1182.74
0 Germany Artisan Blank9SugarHillAbandon 0 9 2 -3.4 1204.36
1 Germany Order of the Acorn Blank9ViperDraw 13 18 0 7.16 1215.63
0 Italy Esquire Blank9ignite107Draw 8 18 0 7.23 1229.07
0 Russia Nobleman Blank9nicknetscherDraw 7 18 0 7.23 1229.07
0 Turkey Nobleman Blank9kiwitingSurvival 6 18 0 -3.21 1201.34

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Thanks, Thanks, Thanks.
Thank you all for playing, Even the ones we lost along the way.
About the game first... Turn one and the first few years. The few games I played before here at dip corp and trying to remember how it went some 25 years ago when I played regular, I am reminded of the safe way many games start, bounces in Gal and the Channel, Russia and a lone fleet hoping to pick up Sweden but first turn I am smiling for E and F both move away from the Channel and Galicia stayed empty with Moscow north and Italy to Piedmont and Tuscany my interest was peaked. But the great thing about Diplomacy anything can happen and Italy just faked left and not only changed direction but the direction of the game, that start forced France to protect Mars while Germany doubled back to Munich, and Austria who was gong to build two had to be thinking life was good before the Italian right turn now was stuck... and went from 5 to 2 to out. The NMR from England then the departure saddened this GM for GM's will most likely worry if there was something else we could do to prevent that but it seems to happen in so many games, that like in real life, when Russia went into Civil war a player leaving is just an unfortunate part of the game even if we do not like it. Still as a new GM I learned and learned a second time that life is not perfect but thanks for making this a real GM experience. Which leads to thanks for the late comers for filling in so well and I have joined late to some games myself it is a different experience and usually a hopeless situation like England was but he did a great job of trying to make the best of a bad situation and Germany... part of a 3 way win... what else can you say but well done. So thanks for the, and, to the, fill ins.
But back to the game (remember I have know idea who is talking to who and what is being said ) Now Austria soon to be gone and a Russia at 8 centers and I watch Turkey build a Fleet and an Army so I am wondering what direction is Turkey's next move? And it seems he is protecting against both Italy and Russia which is safe than the moved to Armenia and that sends a message and at the same time France lands on the Isle and Italy times another move to Piedmont which poor France must be saying "what? not again?" . The new England has new life (for the moment) as France retreats and Germany helps him into Norway. But in hind sight England has no choice but to go to Wales vs. France but if he had known France was leaving he could have protected Edi which falls to Russia and that seems to be the straw to break the English Isle back. France and combine that with the Germans soon exit and bummer England may have had a better chance. If he could have known?!?!
This is where I felt Turkey (I am looking back and have no idea what the diplomatic deals are saying) builds 2 fleets and may have tipped his hand too soon. Armies and maybe Italy continues to Iberia, but fleets leave Turkey with no where to go but at Italy and Italy promptly moved back to the right yet again by going to Ionian Sea. I have now watched some cool twist and turns and it is still just 05. Italy now seems to have to protect against France and seems to solve that problem by helping Germany to Mars and that if I may set up two thirds of the final out come. Russia weak and separated, Scandinavia in the German hands there is nobody to stop Germany but Germany. This set in motion the final third of the 3 way Draw. 2 Turkish fleet builds is all it took. I thank all for that is just my take that one turn even a Build turn can change the face of the game. If Turkey Builds 2 armies Germany would have to decide if he can swallow Russia and England and meet Italy in France or,,,,, split or give England to Russia to set the coming war on the eastern side of Switzerland vs Turkey? The power of no personal gain or stake in the game gives a different perspective and if you like that kind of stuff, GMing is a neat way to see a game.
My first try at GM by e-mail was a fun, frustrating, educational experience and this was made possible only because of all of you.
Now as I started this event I found my lack of simple computer skills was and is an embarrassing handy cap. Yea you can laugh but I did not know the difference between a bit. map. jpeg. or a gif. or how or what to do about that. So I self taught my way through it along the way. Laugh some more for I was pleased and proud when I figured out how to create folders to store the games in. So when I accidentally noticed how to search mail to easily see if I had an order from someone, I nearly danced that happy dance!! Than feeling full of my sot self, I bit off allot when I started a blind game and game 258 which made me go from one adjudication to what amounted to 9 adjudications and then my play time was cut into and I felt that I was not only letting me down, and you, but this silly game that I was told along time ago by a reliable source that was played by the likes of Henry Kissinger and Walter Cronkite. So if any of you all (and some have said some very nice things and I thank you all for those) ever see me run a game again feel welcome to join. The saddest part of all for me truly was the end... hear me out for a sec... I finally felt that I was getting into a good routine getting 24 hrs out and made my play time more flexible and boom 2 - 3 weeks of going pretty good and Turkey say yes to the 3 way... I was rooting for someone to throw in with Turkey just so I could see if I could keep it together ;-} yes my selfishness was shining through. Looking back this was the best and fitting out come but you all hanging in there while I got my learning curve down and still saying nice things also shows that you all, the players, show class and style it can be the way the "Game" should be played, all that nice stuff and backstabbing TOO!! who thought of this?
A special thanks to our cast of characters,
Jeffrey Clay
scott reinbold
Alan Farrington
James Gibson
Joe Hill
Michael Penner
Kyle Rudge
Nick Netscher
kiwi ting
So so long for now and hope to stab at or watch ya stab later....
A Grim World Of Perilous Adventure (AGWOPA)
Drew Ott

Diplomacy games may contain lying, stabbing, or deliberately deceiving communications that may not be suitable for and may pose a hazard to young children, gullible adults, and small farm animals.

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