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G.M. emailrocketship-dot-rocketship-at-gmail-dot-com
Cur SeasonFall 07
Next Deadline2009-09-09 @ 05:00:00 GMT
S. C.34
Start Date2009-02-17
End Date2009-09-09
Real-Life Time205 days
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Seq Country   Player Result S.C. Seas NMRs Rtg
0 Austria Countryman Blank9FluFlu666Eliminated 0 6 2 -6.2 1176.33
0 England Nobleman Silver Star9lottroadSolo 18 24 0 28.43 1306
0 France Herald Blank9DucatiRiderEliminated 0 24 0 -4.53 1189.43
0 Germany Countryman Blank9Ginsu_KabarEliminated 0 10 1 -5.78 1176.75
0 Italy Captain of the Watch Blank9trooperEliminated 0 20 0 -4.87 1183.97
0 Russia Herald Blank9thebakosEliminated 0 14 0 -5.37 1200.83
0 Turkey Countryman Blank9AttilaSurvival 16 24 0 -1.65 1185.88

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DC242: Fall 1912

And that's all she wrote, folks. Let's all offer Mike a hearty congratulations on a solo victory.

Note: I didn't receive orders from France, this season. Because it didn't matter to the game, and because he's been punctual up until now, I just went ahead and issued hold orders to his two armies. I'm not interested in giving him an NMR. I hope everyone's OK with this. If not, let me know.

A Berlin Supports F Prussia
A Brest - Paris
A Burgundy Supports A Brest - Paris
F Gulf of Lyon Supports F Tyrrhenian Sea
A Kiel Supports A Munich
F Livonia Supports F Prussia (*Cut*)
F Marseilles Hold
F Mid-Atlantic Ocean Supports F Spain(nc) - Portugal
A Munich Hold
F North Sea Hold
F Prussia Supports F Livonia
A Ruhr Supports A Munich
F Spain(nc) - Portugal
F St Petersburg(nc) Hold
F Tunis Supports F Tyrrhenian Sea
F Tyrrhenian Sea Supports F Tunis (*Cut*)

A Paris Hold (*Dislodged*)
A Portugal Hold (*Disbanded*)

F Adriatic Sea - Apulia (*Fails*)
A Apulia - Rome (*Fails*)
A Bohemia Supports A Silesia - Munich
F Eastern Mediterranean Supports F Ionian Sea
A Galicia - Silesia (*Fails*)
F Ionian Sea Supports F Rome - Tyrrhenian Sea
A Moscow - Livonia (*Fails*)
F Naples Supports F Rome - Tyrrhenian Sea
A Piedmont Hold
F Rome - Tyrrhenian Sea (*Fails*)
A Silesia - Munich (*Fails*)
A Tuscany Supports A Apulia - Rome (*Fails*)
A Tyrolia Supports A Silesia - Munich
A Venice Supports A Piedmont
A Vienna Supports A Bohemia
A Warsaw Supports A Moscow - Livonia

I'm skipping retreats, disbands, and builds, because they're irrelevant.

I would like to thank all players in DC242 for playing well and getting your orders in on time. It's been a pleasure running this game, and I look forward to seeing you guys in future games.



Diplomacy games may contain lying, stabbing, or deliberately deceiving communications that may not be suitable for and may pose a hazard to young children, gullible adults, and small farm animals.

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