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Cur SeasonWinter 06
Next Deadline2011-04-07 @ 22:00:00 GMT
S. C.58
Start Date2010-12-24
End Date2011-04-06
Real-Life Time104 days
Slideshow SC Chart dpy File
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Seq Country   Player Result S.C. Seas NMRs Rtg
0 Austria Captain of the Watch Silver Star9jlqueirosSolo 18 12 0 30.92 1222.31
0 Denmark Captain of the Watch Gold Star9dknemeyerSurvival 12 12 0 -2.68 1280.07
0 England Captain of the Watch Blank9charlesfAbandon 2 2 1 -5.74 1211.9
1 England Captain of the Watch Gold Star9Blueraider0Eliminated 0 6 0 -2.18 1209.12
0 France Captain of the Watch Gold Star9ddz999cat23Survival 5 12 0 -3.85 1287.1
0 Poland Esquire Blank9KnightofRomaSurvival 8 12 0 -2.18 1230.15
0 Russia Captain of the Watch Silver Star9LaneSurvival 2 12 0 -3.41 1247.48
0 Spain Captain of the Watch Silver Star9sunchungSurvival 9 12 0 -2.98 1271.62
0 Sweden Nobleman Silver Star9jonnyjagfan45Eliminated 0 8 2 -6.59 1262.29
0 Turkey Countryman Silver Star9thrashorSurvival 3 12 0 -2.52 1229.8

PREV  Autumn 1654 Adjudication:  NEXT    

Now it is official. Austria, guided by João Queiros, earns a solo victory in DC355. Thank you all for participating.


Austria: jlqueiros/João Queiros/
Denmark-Norway: dknemeyer/Dirk Knemeyer/
England: charlesf/Charles Féaux de la Croix/ (abandoned after Winter 1649)
From Spring 1650: blueraider0/Alex Maslow/
France: ddz999cat23/Daniel Dzikowicz/
Ottoman Empire: thrashor/Chris Hammond-Thrasher/
Poland-Lithuania: KnightofRoma/Daniel Eichner/
Russia (Muscovy): Lane/Aidan Slattery/
Spain: sunchung/Sun Chung/
Sweden: jonnyjagfan45/John Gilbert/

Austria earns solo victory

Poland-Lithuania: A Moscow - Onega.
Poland-Lithuania: A Novgorod - Karelia.

Spain: F Brest - Picardy.
Unit locations:

Austria: A Cracow, A Flanders, F Illyria, A Lombardy, A Moldavia, A Paris, A
Prague, A Silesia, A Slovakia, A Switzerland, A Transylvania, A
United Provinces, A Wallachia.
Denmark-Norway: F Baltic Sea, F Brandenburg, F Cantabrian Sea, F Gulf of
Bothnia, A Ingria, F Lower Saxony, A Mecklenburg, F Norwegian Sea, A
Novgorod, A Smolensk, A Stettin.
France: A Aragon, A Brest, A Gascony, F Portugal, A Seville, F Western
Poland-Lithuania: A Courland, A Ducal Prussia, A Greater Poland, A Karelia, A
Onega, A Polish Livonia, A Royal Prussia, A Turkestan, A Vitebsk.
Russia: A Astrakhan, A Moscow, F Riga.
Spain: F Damascus, F Eastern Mediterranean, F Ionian Sea, A Luxembourg, A
Marseilles, F Morocco, F Papal States(wc), F Picardy, A Savoy.
Turkey: A Bulgaria, F Candia, F Constantinople, A Persia.
Ireland: A Ireland.
Ownership of supply centers:

Austria: Bavaria, Belgrade, Cracow, Flanders, Lorraine, Moldavia, Paris,
Prague, Rhineland-Westphalia, Saxony, Swabia, Switzerland,
Transylvania, Trieste, United Provinces, Venice, Vienna, Wallachia.
Denmark-Norway: Abo, Brandenburg, Bristol, Christiania, Copenhagen, Holstein,
Lower Saxony, Mecklenburg, Novgorod, Scotland, Stettin, Stockholm.
France: Brest, London, Madrid, Portugal, Seville.
Poland-Lithuania: Courland, Crimea, Ducal Prussia, Turkestan, Ukraine, Vilna,
Voronezh, Warsaw.
Russia: Moscow, Riga.
Spain: Algiers, Damascus, Marseilles, Morocco, Naples, Papal States, Savoy,
Tunis, Tuscany.
Turkey: Candia, Constantinople, Persia.
Ireland: Ireland.

Austria: 18 Supply centers, 13 Units: Builds 5 units. !!! VICTORY !!!
Denmark-Norway: 12 Supply centers, 11 Units: Builds 1 unit.
England: 0 Supply centers, 0 Units: Builds 0 units.
France: 5 Supply centers, 6 Units: Removes 1 unit.
Poland-Lithuania: 8 Supply centers, 9 Units: Removes 1 unit.
Russia: 2 Supply centers, 3 Units: Removes 1 unit.
Spain: 9 Supply centers, 9 Units: Builds 0 units.
Sweden: 0 Supply centers, 0 Units: Builds 0 units.
Turkey: 3 Supply centers, 4 Units: Removes 1 unit.
The Game is over, there are no future deadlines. Congratulations to João for guiding Austria to a solo victory.

Diplomacy games may contain lying, stabbing, or deliberately deceiving communications that may not be suitable for and may pose a hazard to young children, gullible adults, and small farm animals.

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