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Siberian Khatru


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Cur SeasonFall 07
Next Deadline2014-05-24 @ 20:00:00 GMT
S. C.34
Start Date2013-11-21
End Date2014-05-19
Real-Life Time180 days
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Seq Country   Player Result S.C. Seas NMRs Rtg
0 Austria Captain of the Watch Blank9CartesianSurvival 1 18 0 -3.76 1206.59
0 England Herald Blank9cryhavocSurvival 11 18 0 -2.51 1198.58
0 France Nobleman Blank9chessman121212Civil Disorder 0 6 2 -6.71 1193.67
0 Germany Captain of the Watch Gold Star9dandip2011Survival 4 18 0 -3.23 1309.36
0 Italy Countryman Blank9MurphtheSurfEliminated 0 12 1 -5.48 1177.22
0 Russia Captain of the Watch Silver Star9chknbrstlCivil Disorder 0 7 4 -6.43 1177.44
0 Turkey Nobleman Silver Star9rosswebbSolo 18 18 0 28.14 1305.99

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Siberian Khatru
Fall 1905

Turkish forces secure their final objective and hold a victory march through Venice. Fortunately the Sultan remembers that there are canals instead of streets and equips his men with water wings. In a show of magnanimity he helps Austria survive to establish a new colony in Munich. England and Germany very briefly look up from their squabbling to note that they have been defeated.

So, the game is all over- a really fine solo win for Ross. Well played to him and congratulations to all of the survivors. Austria just held on at the end there, thanks to some help from the Turks. The final set of moves and the map are displayed below.

I will process all of the final business on the DC site as soon as I can. I'm just back from a trip to California and may need to sleep a bit first. I've copied all of the original line-up into this and I invite you all to submit your game end statements. I like to learn how the negotiations went in the background. From my perspective the game hinged entirely on the dispute between Dan and Wesley that seemed to blow up from nowhere and then continued regardless of the danger from the south. It seemed pretty clear to me that Turkey was going to take the game unless a coalition could form to hold him off, so I will be curious to find out why a group of experienced and very sensible, reasonable player failed to respond to the threat.


Austria: A alb → gre.
Bounced with bul (1 against 1).
Austria: A tyr → mun.
Austria: A ven Holds.
Dislodged from apu (3 against 1).
Austria: A tri holds No such unit

England: A bur → mun.
England: F den Supports F hel → kie.
England: F hel → kie.
England: F mar → lyo.
England: F nth → nwy.
Bounced with nwy (1 against 2).
England: A pic → bre.
Bounced with eng (1 against 1).
England: F swe Supports F nth → nwy.
Support cut by Move from Baltic Sea.
England: F wal → lon.
England: F wes → tun.
Bounced with ion (1 against 1).
England: A yor Supports F wal → lon.

Germany: F bal → swe.
Bounced with swe (1 against 1).
Germany: F eng → bre.
Bounced with pic (1 against 1).
Germany: A hol Supports A ruh → bel.
Germany: A kie Supports A hol.
Support cut by Move from Helgoland Bight.
Dislodged from hel (2 against 1).
Germany: A nwy Supports F bal → swe.
Support cut by Move from North Sea.
Germany: A ruh → bel.

Turkey: F adr Supports F apu → ven.
Turkey: F apu → ven.
Turkey: A arm → sev.
Turkey: A bud Supports A tri.
Turkey: A bul → gre.
Bounced with alb (1 against 1).
Turkey: F ion → tun.
Turkey: A lvn → pru.
Turkey: A mos → lvn.
Turkey: F rom Holds.
Turkey: A ser Supports A tri.
Turkey: A sil Supports Austria A tyr → mun.
Turkey: A stp Supports Germany A nwy.
Turkey: A tri Supports F apu → ven.
Turkey: F tys Supports F ion → tun.
Turkey: A vie → tyr.

Austria- 1 sc
England- 11 sc
Germany- 4 sc
Turkey- 18 sc

Diplomacy games may contain lying, stabbing, or deliberately deceiving communications that may not be suitable for and may pose a hazard to young children, gullible adults, and small farm animals.

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