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(Standard - Revenge of the Diplomat)

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Posted:Nov 14, 2009 at 3:50 am
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Good morning gentlemen,

This morning we find ourselves definitely at war as two units need to retreat. The Turks find themselves dislodged and the German invasion of Russia is beaten back. The Turkish fleet had only one retreat option - the Aegean sea and it has been moved there. The German Army in Warsaw had two retreat options - Prussia and Ukraine. I retreated it to Prussia, but it could just as well have retreated to Ukraine. Jeffrey, please let us know your wishes as soon as possible. Since you are the only one that needs to retreat you can announce your wishes to everyone when you have decided.

Any mistakes that I've made should be brought to my attention as soon as possible. Please let me know if you plan on being away or if you want an extended deadline. Also - we've got Thanksgiving coming up. Let me know if you are planning to be out of touch during that time so that I can plan the deadlines accordingly.

Orders due:

Austria: 1 Build
England: 2 Builds
Germany: 1 Disband
Russia: 1 Build
Turkey: 1 Disband

France and Italy - no changes are needed. You get more time to work on your diplomacy Smile

You can make the build/disband orders conditional depending on the retreat of the Warsaw unit if you want.

Next turn: Winter 1902 Builds/Disbands
Next Deadline: Tuesday, 17th of November, 19:00 GMT (7PM). I will adjudicate as soon as I have a complete set of orders.

Game on!

Fall 1902 Movement:

A Budapest - Galicia
A Bulgaria - Constantinople
F Greece Supports A Rumania - Bulgaria
A Rumania - Bulgaria
A Trieste - Tyrolia (*Bounce*)
A Vienna - Tyrolia (*Bounce*)

A Belgium Supports F North Sea - Holland
F North Sea - Holland
F Norway Supports F Gulf of Bothnia - Sweden
F Wales - English Channel

A Gascony - Marseilles
F Mid-Atlantic Ocean - Western Mediterranean
A Paris - Picardy
A Spain Hold
F Western Mediterranean - Tyrrhenian Sea

F Denmark - Sweden (*Fails*)
A Holland - Kiel
A Munich Supports A Tyrolia
A Tyrolia Supports A Munich (*Cut*)
A Warsaw Hold (*Dislodged*)

A Apulia Supports A Venice
A Bohemia - Silesia
F Ionian Sea - Tunis
A Venice Supports A Munich - Tyrolia (*Void*)

A Armenia - Ankara (*Fails*)
F Black Sea Supports A Bulgaria - Constantinople
F Gulf of Bothnia - Sweden
A Livonia Supports A Moscow - Warsaw
A Moscow - Warsaw

A Ankara Supports F Constantinople (*Cut*)
F Constantinople Supports A Smyrna (*Dislodged*)
A Smyrna Supports A Ankara


Austria:   Budapest, Bulgaria, Constantinople, Greece, Serbia, Trieste, Vienna.
England:   Belgium, Edinburgh, Holland, Liverpool, London, Norway.
France:    Brest, Marseilles, Paris, Portugal, Spain.
Germany:   Berlin, Denmark, Kiel, Munich.
Italy:     Naples, Rome, Tunis, Venice.
Russia:    Moscow, Rumania, Sevastopol, St Petersburg, Sweden, Warsaw.
Turkey:    Ankara, Smyrna.


Austria:   Supp  7 Unit  6 Build  1
England:   Supp  6 Unit  4 Build  2
France:    Supp  5 Unit  5 Build  0
Germany:   Supp  4 Unit  5 Remove  1
Italy:     Supp  4 Unit  4 Build  0
Russia:    Supp  6 Unit  5 Build  1
Turkey:    Supp  2 Unit  3 Remove  1

Next phase: Fall 1902 Movement.

Next turn: Winter 1902 Builds/Disbands
Next Deadline: Tuesday, 17th of November, 19:00 GMT (7PM). I will adjudicate as soon as I have a complete set of orders.


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