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(Standard - Revenge of the Diplomat)

Subject:< dc278 - Spring and Summer 1905 Results >
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Author:fredrik at familjenblo...
Posted:Jan 03, 2010 at 1:00 am
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The retreats as proposed stand. And this is your final reminder to get those orders in. There's still several days left, but I won't be around to remind anyone from now on until the deadline. Don't expect any confirmation emails.


2009/12/28 Fredrik Blom <fredrik(at) ([email]fredrik(at)[/email])>


A belated Merry Christmas to you all. I hope the other side of the holiday finds you in good health. This season find us with the Austrian units expanding out, the English forces moving east, the French trying to move south-east and the Russians trying to get back home, all while the Italians are desperately trying to keep hold of the Italian peninsula.

We have two retreats that are needed:
Russian A Berlin can retreat to Prussia.
Austrian A Warsaw can retreat to Livonia.

Since they are both only to a single territory, and neither cause a problem for the other, I've gone ahead and retreated them both. Mike and Jeff - if you'd rather retreat OTB get word to me this decade!

As usual, if you have a problem with getting orders in in time, please contact me and I'll extend the deadline (within limits), but better yet - submit preliminary orders as soon as possible. I'll be gone on a short skiing trip from the third, and won't be back until the seventh, so let's make the next turn due then.

Next turn: Fall 1905 Movement
Next Deadline: Thursday, 7th of January 2010, 19:00 GMT (7PM).

A Ankara - Constantinople
A Armenia Supports F Black Sea - Sevastopol
A Budapest - Trieste
A Bulgaria - Rumania
F Constantinople - Black Sea
A Galicia - Bohemia
F Greece - Ionian Sea (*Bounce*)
A Rumania - Galicia
A Sevastopol - Ukraine
F Trieste - Adriatic Sea
A Vienna - Tyrolia
A Warsaw - Silesia (*Dislodged*)

A Brest Hold
A Denmark - Sweden
F English Channel Hold
F Holland - Kiel
F Kiel - Berlin
A London - Denmark
F North Sea Convoys A London - Denmark
F Norway - St Petersburg(nc)
A Ruhr Supports F Holland - Kiel

F Marseilles - Gulf of Lyon
A Munich Supports F Kiel - Berlin
A Naples Hold
A Paris - Burgundy
F Tunis - Ionian Sea (*Bounce*)
A Tuscany - Venice (*Bounce*)
F Tyrrhenian Sea Supports A Naples

A Apulia - Naples (*Fails*)
A Rome - Venice (*Bounce*)

A Berlin - Silesia (*Dislodged*)
F Black Sea - Sevastopol
A Moscow Supports A Prussia - Warsaw
A Prussia - Warsaw

Next turn: Fall 1905 Movement
Next Deadline: Thursday, 7th of January 2010, 19:00 GMT (7PM).


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