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(Standard - Revenge of the Diplomat)

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Posted:Dec 14, 2009 at 1:50 pm
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The continued pressure on the three smaller remaining powers continues as the summer turns into fall. Russia and Italy take a beating, while the Germans are the next power to leave us.

We have lots of retreats this season, so I'll do a turn with only the retreats. Builds are coming up next. If I receive a full set of orders marked as final by tomorrow I'll do the adjudication then, otherwise we'll wait until Wednesday.

German A Berlin can retreat to Silesia.
Italian A Munich can retreat to Silesia or Bohemia or Tyrolia.
Italian F Tunis can retreat to North Africa or Western 
Russian A Warsaw can retreat to Prussia or Livonia or Ukraine.

Next turn: Autumn 1904 Retreats
Next Deadline: Wednesday, 16th of December, 19:00 GMT (7PM).

F Albania - Greece
A Armenia Supports A Ukraine - Sevastopol
A Bulgaria Supports F Constantinople (*Cut*)
F Constantinople Supports A Smyrna - Ankara
A Galicia Supports A Silesia - Warsaw
A Rumania Supports A Ukraine - Sevastopol
A Silesia - Warsaw
A Smyrna - Ankara
A Ukraine - Sevastopol

A Brest Hold
F Holland Supports F Kiel
F Kiel Supports A Prussia - Berlin
A London - Denmark
F Mid-Atlantic Ocean - English Channel
F North Sea Convoys A London - Denmark
F Norway Hold
A Ruhr Supports A Burgundy - Munich

A Burgundy - Munich
F Ionian Sea - Tunis
A Naples Hold
A Piedmont - Tuscany
F Tyrrhenian Sea Supports F Ionian Sea - Tunis

A Berlin - Prussia (*Dislodged*)

A Apulia - Naples (*Fails*)
A Munich Supports A Ruhr - Burgundy (*Dislodged*)
F Tunis Hold (*Dislodged*)
A Venice - Rome

A Ankara - Bulgaria (*Disbanded*)
F Baltic Sea Supports A Prussia - Berlin
F Black Sea Convoys A Ankara - Bulgaria
A Prussia - Berlin
A Sevastopol - Moscow
A Warsaw - Silesia (*Dislodged*)

Upcoming builds are as follows:

Austria:   Supp 12 Unit  9 Build  3
England:   Supp  9 Unit  8 Build  1
France:    Supp  7 Unit  5 Build  2
Germany:   Supp  0 Unit  1 Remove  1 (or 0 if the retreat is OTB)
Italy:     Supp  2 Unit  4 Remove  2 (or can retreat up to two OTB)
Russia:    Supp  4 Unit  5 Remove  1 (or can retreat OTB)
Turkey:    Supp  0 Unit  0 Build  0

Next turn: Autumn 1904 Retreats
Next Deadline: Wednesday, 16th of December, 19:00 GMT (7PM).


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