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Posted:Sep 13, 2007 at 12:00 am
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My apologies for the delay, Yahoo Mail has been running v e r y s l o w l y the last couple of days.

Conflicts break out in new locations this year, as Russia's armies walk into Denmark and force their way into Galicia. Germany moves back into Munich, France reoccupies Belgium, and Austria encounters no opposition in taking Bulgaria. A new map and RP file are attached.

Austria and Italy each have a retreat -- these are due by Tuesday, September 25 at 3pm Central (US).
* Italy's army in Munich may retreat to Bohemia or OTB.
* Austria's army in Galicia may retreat to Bohemia, Vienna, or OTB.

Don't forget to visit the club's website! The latest game map is always posted there. You can also go to the Message Board and subscribe to the dc112 forum as well. Mike Sims deserves a round of applause for the various upgrades.



Spring 1904 results:

A Budapest - Rumania (*Bounce*)
A Galicia Supports A Budapest - Rumania (*Dislodged*)
F Greece - Bulgaria(sc)
A Serbia Supports F Greece - Bulgaria(sc)
A Silesia Supports A Galicia

A Burgundy, no move received -- GM orders Hold
F English Channel Convoys A London - Belgium
A Gascony - Marseilles
A London - Belgium
F North Atlantic Ocean - Liverpool
F Picardy Supports A London - Belgium
A Spain Supports A Gascony - Marseilles

A Belgium - Ruhr
A Berlin Supports A Kiel - Munich
A Edinburgh - Holland
A Kiel - Munich
F North Sea Convoys A Edinburgh - Holland

F Aegean Sea Supports F Greece - Bulgaria(sc)
F Gulf of Lyon - Western Mediterranean
A Munich Supports A Belgium - Burgundy (*Dislodged*)
A Piedmont - Tyrolia
A Tuscany - Piedmont

F Baltic Sea Convoys A Livonia - Denmark
A Bulgaria - Constantinople
F Constantinople - Black Sea
A Livonia - Denmark
A Norway Hold
A Rumania - Galicia
A Sevastopol - Rumania (*Bounce*)
A Ukraine Supports A Rumania - Galicia
A Warsaw Supports A Rumania - Galicia

Turkey (civil disorder, all units hold):
F Ankara, no move received
A Smyrna, no move received

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