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Posted:Sep 13, 2007 at 12:00 am
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Lots of attacks, but not much to show for it... France and Italy trade places in the Iberian peninsula, and Austria manages to hold his ground. Only Russia makes any real progress, as one of the CD units in Turkey finally falls after 2 years of sitting idle.

Since there are no retreats, the fall 1905 deadline will be next Thursday 10/18 at 3pm Central (US).


Spring 1905 results:

A Budapest Supports A Galicia - Vienna (*Cut*)
A Galicia - Vienna (*Fails*)
A Serbia - Trieste (*Bounce*)

A Belgium Hold
F Brest - Mid-Atlantic Ocean
A Burgundy - Marseilles
A Gascony Supports A Marseilles - Spain
F Irish Sea - English Channel
A Marseilles - Spain
F Mid-Atlantic Ocean - Western Mediterranean

A Berlin Supports A Ruhr - Kiel (*Cut*)
A Holland Supports A Ruhr - Kiel
A Munich Supports A Berlin
F North Sea - Denmark (*Fails*)
A Ruhr - Kiel

F Greece Hold
F Naples - Ionian Sea
A Piedmont Hold
F Rome - Tyrrhenian Sea
F Spain(sc) - Portugal
A Trieste - Budapest (*Fails*)
A Venice - Trieste (*Bounce*)
A Vienna Supports A Trieste - Budapest (*Cut*)

F Black Sea Convoys A Sevastopol - Ankara
A Constantinople Supports A Sevastopol - Ankara
A Denmark - Kiel (*Fails*)
A Norway Hold
F Prussia - Berlin (*Fails*)
A Rumania - Serbia (*Fails*)
A Sevastopol - Ankara
A Silesia - Warsaw
A Ukraine - Galicia (*Fails*)

Turkey (civil disorder):
F Ankara, no move received (*Disbanded*)
A Smyrna, no move received

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