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Posted:May 25, 2010 at 6:49 am
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The Summer sun twinkled on the surface of the Saone, as the dignitaries made their slow procession over the bridge and in to the city of Macon. In the square in front of the Hôtel de Montrevel, a huge mahogany table had been placed and, flanked by smartly suited attendants, six high backed chairs evenly-spaced around it.

Promising the coming of Fall; a cool breeze whipped at the huge stack of paper work piled on the table, and adjutants struggled to keep all in place as the dignitaries gathered about it.

Tesarik took his seat first and, reaching for a crystal decanter of Pouilly-Fuisse, grabbed it with both hands and took a large swig, before wiping his beard on the sleeve of his overcoat.

Commandant Ciro, of the Mediterranean People's Coalition sat to his right and smiled at those about him as if greeting long-lost family members at a late Summer's picnic.

Taking a seat to Tesarik's left, the Turkish delegate eyed the assembled warily before nibbling at some of the egg and cress sandwiches proffered by an attendant.

Across the table sat the general of the Realm of Frankish Visigoths alongside President Franz Heinrich of Greater Hannover. Looking battle-weary, but dignified, the pair eyed the English Prime Minister; the figurehead of the United Kingdoms of Great Britain and Scandinavia - noting their impatience - took his cue and began his address.

From his position in the front ranks of the Yugoslav honour guard, Agent Fresh watched the dignitaries as they waded through the paving-slab-thick peace agreement. The Head of each state finally took his turn in signing the Macon Accord, and with a splash of ink on paper, the first war in Europe in five hundred years was ended.

Agent Fresh felt the weight of his shouldered rifle and stifled the urge to raise it. The statesmen before him had caused untold terror and bloodshed, not to mention the extermination of the Russian people... surely the deserved to pay for what they had done?

But no. There had been bloodshed enough; and martyrdom to some fictionial cause was not really a facet of Fresh's personality. Besides, the Peace attained, must now be maintained, and in his deep-cover as an officer in the Yugoslav national Army, Agent Fresh was poised to carry out the work of the League of Shadows and to see to it that: Never again would the ugly shadow of war fall across the face of the continent they all must now share.


Dear Players,

Many thanks for your participation in this game. I hope that you enjoyed it and look forward to seeing you around another board at some time in the future.

If you wish to write any End Of Game comments or reports, please post them in the redscape forum: ( and also email them to all players, including dc301(at), so they go on the forum (wherever that is!)

The proposed and unused moves for Fall 1905 were as follows:


A bur - gas
A mun - bur
A pru - sil
A ber holds
F gre holds
A bul - con

A rum - sev
A mos supports A rum - sev
A tyr - ven


proposed DIAS
A STP S A Sev - Mos
F Kie - Hol
F NTHS F Kie - Hol

F Den - HEL
F Wal - ENG
A Yor - Edi

F Lyo S A Mar - PIE
A Mar - PIE
A Pic - Par
F Tun - S F WES - TYS

I vote for the draw

F Bel S Ruh - Hol
F Bre - ENG
A Ruh - Hol

VOTE YES!!!!!!!!!!!

A Pie to Venice
F Naples to Apulia
F Tys to Ion
F Tus to Tys



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