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(Stab! (Gunboat / Reduced visibility game))

Subject:< (DC 324) A Stab in the Dark - Spring 1910 Results >
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Posted:Jul 09, 2010 at 10:20 am
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Hi Stabbers,

I'm back home again after nearly a week Down East.  Thanks for your patience and for continuing to hit all the deadlines.

The big news this season is that after a few quiet years in the North, England and Turkey have made contact once again.  Not much more than a skirmish this season, with Turkey winning the fight for Livonia.  Is this warm war about to get hot?

In contrast, the South is quiet as a morgue, with no activity at all in Italy or the Med.  Happy, happy?  Or just the calm before the storm?

Finally, just to prove that the more things change the more they stay the same, there was another battle in Spain.  This time the English strike from an unexpected (?) direction, dislodging the French defenders with an
attack from Gulf of Lyon.

RETREAT REQUIRED:  French army Spain needs a new place to pitch its tents.  Please send that destination to me as soon as you can, Monsieur le President.

NEXT DEADLINE:  Fall 1910 is due Tuesday, July 13, at 8 pm Eastern US time.  Monday is pretty open for me right now, so if I get final orders by then I should be able to adjudicate early.


F Gulf of Lyon - Spain(sc)
A Marseilles Supports F Gulf of Lyon - Spain(sc)
F Prussia - Berlin (*Bounce*)
F St Petersburg(sc) - Livonia (*Fails*)

A Spain - Marseilles (*Dislodged*)


A Moscow Supports A Warsaw - Livonia
A Silesia - Prussia (*Fails*)
A Warsaw - Livonia


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(DC 324) A Stab in the Dark - Spring 1910 Results (Corrino) Jul 09, 10:20 am

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