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(Stab! (Gunboat / Reduced visibility game))

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Posted:Jul 15, 2010 at 11:15 am
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My apologies.  Write this down as an NMR for the GM.
I was focused on my other game last night -- never did get the last set of orders -- and completely forgot that you guys were waiting for Autumn reports.  The fact that E and T both submitted their Winter/Spring orders without waiting also threw me off, I think. Smile
Anyway, here is the Autumn stuff.  I'm at work, so I'm doing this FROM MEMORY.  Be extra careful to review what I've said.  I'll update the game page later from home.  I will follow up shortly with the individual reports... ALSO FROM MEMORY.
Now that I've got the sorrying and excusing out of the way... Where the heck are we?
Answer:  We're one small dot from a Turkish victory, that's where we are!
The Sultan snagged his 16th and 17th SC this turn.  Is number 18 inevitable, or can England and friends (ha!) find a way to stop his seemingly inexorable progress?
Time -- a very short time, perhaps -- will tell.

Complete SC Counts:

Austria     0    ... eliminated 1903

England    15

France      1

Germany     0    ... eliminated 1906

Italy       1

Russia      0    ... eliminated 1909
Turkey     17


Winter 1910/Spring 1911 are due on Friday, July 16 at 8 pm Eastern US time.  That's TOMORROW here in MA.

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