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Subject:< SV: dc320 f08 Game-End Draw!! 
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Posted:Sep 08, 2010 at 3:19 am
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Hey all,
This was a most interesting game.
As Alfred said, from the first go Italy and I didn’t see
quite eye to eye on Greece, but we worked it out and from then we stood by each
other. And I could have gone for the solo and might even have achieved it, but
to what end? I would rather be known as a fair player than a backstabber J
Alfred and I quickly decided that in order for him and me to
survive we needed to take Turkey out, and since France didn’t seem
interested in Italy from the start it would be something we could achieve. On
top of this, Germany went for Russia with a small Austrian assistance so I
could go around the Black Sea.
After the East had been subdued there where really only one way
to go J
But a great game all J

Fra: Alex Maslow

Sendt: 8. september 2010 05:23

Til: NICOL, Alfred (AMN)

Cc: Michael Sims; jmc66(at)mac.com; tcooperstein730(at)att.net;
tfletch33(at)yahoo.com; rk(at)giorsoine.dk; wmysonski(at)gmail.com; dc320

Emne: Re: dc320 f08 Game-End Draw!!



This has been a particularly bizarre game.  On the one
hand, I hate when one nation collapses quickly (Russia), and yet, such things
are possible in the real world, so I gotta deal.


Ger and I were allied early and when Fletch missed the build
I of course went for Lvp and held it like a knife to Fletch to hit Ger because
of the Rus collapse.  Things looked good except for that misorder to Spa
where I forgot to specify the coast that allowed Italy to get in.  I
thought I could win it back, and depend on Austrian pressure on the other side
of Alfred, but I misordered against Spa AGAIN and Austria wasn't being much
help, and when I lost Mar, I knew that front was done, and when Fletch came
against me with his righteous fury, well, there wasn't much more to be done.


I will say I think much of this
was my fault, as egotistical as that is to say.  First, my misorders were
sadly clutch, and embarrassingly repeated.  Also, Fletch kept
alerting me to the central alliance, and I kept insisting it was just
coincidence they would move against each other in time.  Mmmm, yeah I feel
pretty darn stupid about that.  I took no interest against the east until
it was absolutely too late.  But, you know, props to the east for being so
stealthy about their grand alliance, which seems to have been well planned....

Ah well.  Good job to all and hope to play with you
folks again.  Esp Theodore.  We made some plans but no chance came to
make them work.  I hope next game together we get to actually interact.






On Tue, Sep 7, 2010 at 5:01 PM, NICOL, Alfred (AMN) <AMN(at)benenden.kent.sch.uk> wrote:

Hi all
Well done and many thanks to
Mike for running the game, thanks to my allies ah and ger and of course all
those players who kept issuing orders etc right to the end.
Some interesting things
turned the game for me. I had no plan to go for ah but couldn’t get the
deal on gre I think is vital to Italy, so I risked early war and threatened
tri, it worked and after that we got along fine. The second gamble was to go
west, again not in my initial plan, but the missed build in liv let fra in and
I feared a fra dominance that I had to curtail, it worked and the balance of
power was restored.
The great strength of Italy
usually is to be able to wait and see, but this game I didn’t feel that
was an option.
I think ah had a decent, but
not sure chance, to go for a solo, probably when ger were snared up with the
last rus unit and I was bogged down with fra. He didn’t; fair play to
I enjoyed the game and look
forward to playing with you all again

From: Michael Sims [mailto:mike(at)fuzzylogicllc.net]

Sent: 07 September 2010 21:03

To: NICOL, Alfred (AMN); Blueraider0(at)gmail.com; jmc66(at)mac.com; tcooperstein730(at)att.net; tfletch33(at)yahoo.com; rk(at)giorsoine.dk; wmysonski(at)gmail.com

Cc: dc320

Subject: dc320 f08 Game-End Draw!!


5 yes votes equals a 3-way AGI


England and France squeak by with
survivals, and the big 3 declare world peace.  Congrats!  And so,
our summerfest comes to a happy end, right on the day after Labor Day
- the traditional end to summer.  Was it fate?  EOG's are
encouraged from all!  It's been a pleasure and see you next game...






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